Summer in Utah

The kids are going to blog about the main events of the summer, so I’ll take everything else!  First and foremost, meeting baby Cyrus!  We’ve all been anticipating this day.  And it didn’t disappoint.  He is the cutest human on the face of the earth.  2020-06-30 16.59.23Happy 4th of July!  And Happy Birthday Jhena!  We had a delicious Nacho dinner complete with Mountain Dew and lots of chips and salsa to celebrate the birthday girl.  We did fireworks in the ‘hood, just like the good old days and we had homemade ice cream for dessert.  2020-07-04 14.24.262020-07-04 20.18.54

True Lemon drink mix was the hit of the summer.  And adding dry ice was the icing on the cake!  2020-07-02 18.04.47The best meme of the summer.  We hiked to see the biggest Flag in the USA at Grove Creek Canyon.  Then we hiked up to Battle Creek Falls.  IT WAS SO HOT.  We didn’t think we were going to survive the heat.  The waterfall saved the day.  2020-07-10 12.40.48Earlier that day we took the girls shopping at Old Navy and they picked out matching tshirts and necklaces.  Before our trip Halle said, “I’m so excited to go to Utah where I am loved and adored.”  And it was true–the little girls were her constant shadow.  They had so much fun together.  2020-07-10 22.08.342020-07-09 16.01.392020-07-09 15.04.30Not only do they have the same haircut, they are also the same height!  LOL2020-07-05 14.42.52BATTLEDOME.  A family favorite.2020-07-06 20.12.00Jordanelle.  We had lots of fun paddleboarding, and snuggling our Speedo Baby.  2020-07-06 14.33.2520200706_150314Lots of morning cartoons and morning snuggles.  2020-07-06 20.55.29Blake wanted to spend every moment he could with Cohen.  They are such great buddies.  Here is one of their many adventures.2020-07-08 17.19.49Pickleball.  It was the summer of pickleball.  So much fun and everyone can do it!  2020-07-08 15.26.262020-07-18 20.45.46Hanging out in Grandpa’s bird sanctuary.  2020-07-02 11.02.50Love spending time with these Hawaiian babes!2020-07-11 22.19.352020-07-11 21.12.10Happy Birthday Bode!2020-07-11 20.41.01Steele Days Parade Social Distance Edition.  The Parade route was 22 miles long.  It wound through neighborhoods in the city so that people didn’t have to gather along a crowded parade route but could still enjoy this city tradition.  I thought this was such a fun idea.  And we got SO MUCH candy.  2020-07-11 10.09.56Rusty Hiked to the saddle of Timp.  2020-07-13 12.21.16Crafting at Nats.  We made our own Stained Glass Mosaics.  It was really creative!  We got to use a soldering iron and everything.  2020-07-25 18.08.34Halle teaching Dash to swim. Spoiler alert: It didn’t work.  2020-07-14 17.02.16Sister hike!  We went up Millcreek canyon.  It was beautiful.  And no sister adventure would be complete without Acai Bowls.  20200709_08204320200709_095229We rented a giant blow up waterslide for 2 days right before 4th of July.  We wanted the kids to have something fun and unique to do while everything is shut down.  This was a great idea.  We played the day away!  Lunch on the patio, popsicles and lot and lots of time on the slide.

2020-07-02 16.08.212020-07-03 13.54.462020-07-03 13.58.49

Girl room!  Basement sleeping is the best sleeping.

IMG_3937Blake and Gwen were best buds on this trip.  They loved playing and pretending together.  IMG_6910Gwen’s Baptism and Cyrus’s blessing day.  It was one for the books!  100 degrees, masks, and getting baptized in a hot tub.  A memorable day for sure. And how cute are those Lederhosen?

IMG_20200718_132454Halle got to witness Gwen’s baptism and it made me cry to see it.  These girls are so lucky to live in the times they do.  2020-07-18 12.50.192020-07-18 12.20.51-1And one final Hoorah at Cowabunga bay.  We are going to miss hanging with our cousins everyday!20200727_175409

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