Waimea Canyon

One of the best things about Kauai is the variety in the landscape.  There are incredible wet jungles full of green vegetation.  There are baby powder soft brown sand beaches and crisp blue water with white capped waves.  There is the Napali Coast line with its rugged, razor sharp cliffs.  And then there is Waimea Canyon.  The Grand Canyon of the Pacific with it’s beautiful hues of red and brown mixed with the lush tropical green.  It is truly a spectacular sight. And…if you ever see a really amazing scenery pic on this trip, it was taken by Landon 🙂  He’s the best!
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We had a lazy morning playing on the iPad
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After a quick stop at Spouting Horn and Hanapepe Swinging bridge we started the long winding drive up the canyon to Koke’e State Park.

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Our first stop was the Kalalau Valley Lookout where we thought we were meeting everyone. Turns out we turned off one lookout spot too soon.  But we weren’t at all sad about it.  How lovely is this view?
2018-01-23 12.53.162018-01-23 12.52.49
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We got back in the car and drove a bit further to meet everyone at Pu’i O Kila Lookout.  It was one of the prettiest sights I have ever seen.
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We hiked around a bit until everyone was hungry for lunch.  We drove back down to a big grassy park by the Koke’e Museum and spread out our lunch.  Per usual, there were a billion chickens running around.  Rusty said he’d pay any kid $1 if they could touch a chicken and $5 if they could pick it up.  All the uncles and grandpa said they’d match Rusty’s deal.  So, there was some serious money on the table!  We all got in on the action and the chicken chasing began.  I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard.  Those chicken have mad sprinting skills!  No one could even come close.  So, we decided we had to be sneak.  Halle held a chip in her hand and a bold chicken came and snatched it out.  She said that counted because the beak had touched her hand.

_DSC28712018-01-23 13.51.04
Josh went far away from everyone else so no one could scare the chickens away and he patiently made a trail of food to his body as he sat totally still.  When the chicken got close enough he reached out and grazed it’s tail feathers.
2018-01-23 14.17.38 HDR

Blake tried so so hard and he was so sad when he didn’t touch a chicken.  He and I even tried together for a little bit with no luck.
2018-01-23 14.46.52

But the most funny thing was when Landon covered himself in a towel and then we covered him in bread and chip crumbs.  The plan was to lure the chickens to him with the food and then he’d grab them when they climbed on his towel.  He must have sat under there for a good 10 minutes.  The chickens would eat all the food around him, but they didn’t want to take the bait and climb on the towel.  Finally he jumped out at one that was pecking near his arm.  All the kids thought this was the best thing ever.  Me too.


Excuse my manic laughter 🙂

Now on to Waimea Canyon Lookout.  Carlie and I made Rusty pull off at one of the random little turn outs in the road so we could sneak a peak.  And I’m so glad we did.  It was by far the best view of Waipo’o Falls.  A massive 800 ft waterfall.
2018-01-23 15.10.572018-01-23 15.11.47

At the lookout we took a million pics.
2018-01-23 15.33.262018-01-23 19.24.392018-01-23 15.22.22
2018-01-23 15.40.10

Michael bought the kids some sugar cane.  Blake LOVED it.  So, I bought him some more on the stipulation that he share with Gwen.  He gave her a couple pieces and thought that was good enough.  They were riding in the car later and she reached over and took another piece.  He went ballistic.  “GWEN, THAT IS CALLED STEALING!!!  IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT? TO BE A STEALER??”  She looked at him like he was crazy and said, “But, I like it!”
2018-01-23 15.31.47 HDR

We then went on the Iliau Nature Loop with some more fun views.  Blake and Josh found giant hiking sticks that made everything all the more fun.
PicMonkey Collage Nature Hike
Here is the Iliau that the trail is named after.  So unique!
2018-01-23 20.10.41
2018-01-23 16.15.59 HDR

Right near the bottom of the canyon road is this cool little waterfall completely surround by deep red rock.  We had to stop!  The kids had a blast climbing the rocks and wading in the river.  I’m still working on getting those red stains out of their clothes.
2018-01-23 16.29.162018-01-23 16.33.172018-01-23 16.39.28

Since we were close by we made our 3rd and final trip to Jo Jo’s.  Will we ever get sick of this delicious treat?  Probably not. Annnnd….Blake found another cat.
2018-01-23 17.10.10-12018-01-23 17.18.02 HDR

Some people opted to head home at this point and some of us ventured on to Salt Pond beach.  We can’t let a Hawaiian day go by without at least a little beach time! We’re glad we went because we got to watch a Sea Turtle make his way down the beach and back into the ocean.  My phone died right at the crucial moment.

2018-01-23 17.53.082018-01-23 18.20.072018-01-23 18.47.57

I think we came home and had fettuccine alfredo  for dinner (With POG, of course) and put kids to bed and then the adults when hot tubbing.  Another splendid day!

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