Academy of Sciences

Bello!(That is minion talk for hello) This is Josh taking over the blog and I’m going to tell you all about the day we went to the Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park. First, we packed up our scooters and took a Lyft. Then we went to some fountains while dad stayed in line to get tickets. Then we went in and got go through a fun earthquake simulator and learned what to do if one happened. Then we went to a hot and humid rain forest. My favorite animals were the macaws and the snakes! Then we went to see the fish. There were lots of fish and there was also some glow in the dark fish. Then we went to the planetarium for a show about commits and how there might be a 9th planet. After that we ate lunch. We also looked at some cool penguins. Then we saw a albino crocodile named Claude !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then we checked out the gift shop. I want a stuffed albino crocodile.

Then we left and rode our scooters to a park.  It had concrete slide that you rode down on a piece of cardboard.  My mom got a huge war wound on her arm.
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We scootered to a doughnut place, (my favorite was the jelly filled donut holes)  and went to Stow Lake are rode in a pedal boat. I helped pedal and steer the boat. Last, we took a Lyft  home and had dinner.
2016-07-13 15.45.09

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One thing I love about our apartment is the tub.  It can get so full!  I had the best bath.

2016-07-13 20.06.05

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