Glamping at Bear Lake

Halle here, reporting for blogging duty.  2020-07-15 13.57.182020-07-15 13.52.372020-07-15 13.43.56For a fun summer get away, Cornell cousins at bear lake!! The drive was long, so we broke it up with fun lunch at a park, then visiting some cool hobbit holes up Logan Canyon in a little hike. Everyone just loved to run around and explore.

We stayed in an awesome resort in the coolest covered wagons! It was so unique, and everyone loved it! Simon called it our Wagon Hotel. 2020-07-16 09.33.102020-07-15 21.26.492020-07-15 20.06.50-12020-07-15 20.13.23Then we headed straight to the lake. Everyone just splashed and played, and the sandbar went out forever so all of us could just play and have fun without the water getting deep. We paddle boarded and kayaked and just played and played. 2020-07-15 17.44.45Then we ordered famous raspberry shakes and dinner.  Yum!  Carlie taught us a trick of adding chocolate chips.  It was delicious.  Then my mom and I decided to go for a tandem bike ride thinking that might be a little easier on my knees. We were wrong.  It still hurt! 2020-07-15 21.22.042020-07-15 21.14.18  We  and sat around the campfire. I taught the kids a camp song called “Da Moose” and we sang it for the rest of the month.  I kind of regret teaching it. 2020-07-15 21.52.26 We had taken Jack and Leo for a snipe hunt in Fairview, so now we decided it was Gwen and Maves turn. Blake was the snipe, but he was a little too secretive for a while so nobody was really having fun, and someone saw him run around a corner. Blake was so mad that we had found him, and everyone else just thought it was a fun joke.

We slept great in the wagons…. way better than the floor. In the morning Mave Cyrus and I went to the park and saw some horses. Mave just loved them and it was the cutest thing. IMG_00212020-07-15 20.53.18Then it was a 100% lake day. We just splashed and played to our hearts content. Then in the afternoon we rented an inflatable trampoline, and bounced and flipped and slid off. It was so much fun! 2020-07-16 13.08.122020-07-16 16.28.192020-07-16 16.32.57-12020-07-16 13.16.54After we had our fill of the lake, everyone was exhausted and we drove home. On our way home we stopped at the Utah State campus, which was completely deserted. No summer classes due to Covid.  It was such a pretty campus, and it was fun to hear old college stories. 2020-07-16 19.05.17It was weird to have no one there! We came home all very sunburned, but it was such a good time!!2020-07-15 20.05.472020-07-16 09.51.53

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