Blake turns 11 and graduates Elementary school!

Dear Blake,

I am so proud of you! I can’t believe you are off to middle school in the fall. You are going to have so much fun learning and experiencing new things. It’s been a unique time–finishing school online, having a Zoom birthday party. Things aren’t what we expected but I’m proud of the way you’ve rolled with the punches.

We got to decorate your room together and you were such a big help painting and building the closet. It makes me so happy to see you in there snuggled under all your stuffed animals. You are friendly and kind and love to play. You bring a lightness and laughter into our home. You’ve also been very into building things lately and want to set up a workshop in the garage. It’s fun to see what you come up with. Blake, continue to be your awesome self. Heavenly Father has a special plan just for you. He needs your unique talents. Know that your parents love you so much and are always cheering you on!

Love, Mom

Rusty here:

Tuesday was.. BLAKES BIRTHDAY! Happy 11th big guy. He told us that he was going to get us up at the crack of dawn for presents. He’s been so excited. Sure enough we were up early opening presents. He got an iPOD (pooled from us and grandparents) and a mini drone. He LOVES his ipod. But he dropped it the first night and we thought it was broken! Luckily it recovered. Blake had 3 ZOOM parties: a cornell cousins party where they did a scavenger hunt. A friend party complete with cake and bingo. Tara and Blake dropped off “Birthday kits” to all his friends beforehand. And then a banks cousin party where he just played fortnite with cohen 
After meeting we went to Boulder to go to BJs for blakes birthday dinner. That’s what he wanted. It was funny by the time we got there we were still not done ordering from the app 🙂 so we finished in the parking lot and then walked around the empty 29th street mall with Dash. Then we needed to find somewhere to eat. We were going to carpenter park but it was CLOSED so we went to CU where we park for the boulder bolder (BOO THAT IT WAS CANCELLED!!!) and sat on the grass and ate our dinner. And there was nosilverwaree so I used pens as chopsticks and Tara just took bites and we made homemade spoons for our PIZOOKIES. The PIZOOKIES were only $3 so we binged on them and yes they were so good we wanted to die. 

And here are a few pics from “graduation.” We watched your graduation in our bed at the hotel on the way home from Lake Powell 🙂

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