Sept 2018 recap

Puppy sitting Captain, our neighbor dog.  He is the CUTEST, sweetest thing!  He almost makes me want one of our own.  Almost.  The kids absolutely loved having him for the weekend.

2018-09-01 09.30.252018-09-01 09.33.272018-09-02 15.18.582018-09-02 16.10.24
Hilarious sign at the airport…2018-09-01 10.04.38Our annual Labor Day trip to Elich Gardens.  2018-09-03 10.44.34
Sarah and I went to see Beautiful for a belated bday present for her July birthday.  It was sooooo good.  We ate at a taco place on 16th street that blasted music so loud we couldn’t even hear each other when we were yelling.  We know we are getting old, because that was NOT cool with us 🙂  2018-09-07 22.07.57Rusty flew out to Utah to celebrate Sharon’s birthday.  They went to dinner at the Melting Pot and had a great weekend.  2018-09-08 20.30.302018-09-09 18.30.49
HEAVEN on a beautiful Colorado day. Meredith and I went kayaking at Union Res.  We had the kayaks tied down in the back of the truck but one of them escaped and flew off the back!  It landed in a perfectly straight line, right side up.  We almost didn’t even notice that it fell off!  We had a pretty good laugh at that.  2018-09-13 10.18.58I came home from a YW meeting at 10pm and this is how I found Blake.  Completely asleep outside my bedroom door.  I almost tripped over him in the dark!2018-09-13 22.46.16Natalie Aurich came for a quick visit.  It’s always so fun to get the old gang back together.  2018-09-20 15.28.07Homecoming Parade!  Sarah and I have the same sunglasses and Jane said, “You two are twinners and that means I need to take your picture.”  I wish I would have taken a picture of all the candy they got at the parade.  We should cancel Halloween!  2018-09-21 17.03.39I don’t think you can see Halle at all in this video, but here is the marching band at the parade.

The Erie Tigers Blew homecoming away.  The final score was 56-7.  2018-09-21 19.10.07Halle is the 2nd clarinet from the very end.  It’s hard to video the band!  Their halftime show was awesome.

It’s flag football season for Blake!2018-09-22 11.15.12Ummm, Halle?  You need to keep your eyes open when you drive a car!  🙂  First driving lesson in the High School parking lot with Dad.  She did great!2018-09-22 15.04.15Practicing for the best Sunday of the year!  This year the primary sang a song called “I will be what I believe”  The youth joined them and it was such a powerful witness of the Spirit for us all.  These kids are awesome!2018-09-22 15.48.35Standard’s night!  This was my first big Stake Activity and I think it went great!  My station was about Pres. Nelson’s challenge to the youth to do a 7 day social media fast.  Since they were going to put away their phone, I decided it would be funny to see if they could complete old fashioned tasks.  They had to type a note on a typewriter, look up something in an encyclopedia and a phone book, and wind a cassette tape with a pencil.  The parents thought it was hilarious and the kids had fun seeing if they could survive without technology.  Other stations included, Stump your parents and FSOY jeopardy.  2018-09-22 18.56.212018-09-22 19.09.532018-09-22 19.45.28Josh’s very last Primary Program.  I am sad.  He is happy.  2018-09-23 12.40.13My birthday song! Josh learned Happy Birthday on his saxaphone for me.  It was so sweet and I loved it.  Halle made me a dairy free, gluten free cake that was quite delicious.  I was touched that she would go to all that effort just for me. Gluten free baking isn’t easy.  She is so awesome.

Meredith gave me the best present ever.  It’s an Adult Coloring book called, “When you just can’t Even.  Coping with Trump” It’s full of hilarious things.  The one below is one of my favorites.  2018-09-30 20.02.47Then, DEAR EVAN HANSEN!  I bought myself these tickets for my birthday and had been looking forward to it for months.  It was opening night of the National Tour and the energy of the cast and the audience was amazing.  The show was heartwarming and heartbreaking all at the same time.  Such a beautiful, challenging message that we are not alone and that it makes a difference when we reach out to others and also when we let people into our hearts.  2018-09-25 19.36.432018-09-25 21.03.38This is her stack of library books!!!2018-09-29 11.37.43BEAUTIFUL fall morning. Gosh, I love where I live.  2018-09-29 18.36.59

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