Easter Escape Room 2020

Easter was fun this year!  We had so much time on our hands that we decided to go all out and try some new things this year.  First up, hydro dipped eggs.  This was fun!  But it required a little more talent than we have.  Mostly we ended up with brownish looking eggs.  We also did some regular dyed eggs.  2020-04-10 13.44.442020-04-10 13.58.10Then, for the first time in Banks history, we tried the time honored tradition of Easter Egg Rolling.  I’m still not quite sure I get the point of this, but we went for it anyway.  We couldn’t really find a big enough hill, so instead we had egg splattering contests.  The kids saw who could have the most epic egg explosion.  2020-04-11 16.43.592020-04-11 16.43.00On Easter morning the kids were met with a surprise.  Instead of the traditional hunt, they had to solve Escape Room puzzles in order to find their baskets.  This was really fun! There were riddles, cyphers, puzzles.  They had to work together to solve the clues and find their baskets.  2020-04-12 09.08.07The Easter bunny was extra kind this year and also left the kids a lego set to complete together. The Hogwarts Express looks so cool!2020-04-12 13.07.28Halle made homemade cream puffs for Easter Dessert.  YUM!2020-04-12 18.05.472020-04-12 18.16.31After dinner we played a hilarious game.  One kid would put a shower cap on their head.  Then, I put shaving cream all over the cap.  Another kid would stand behind a line and see who could throw the most peeps and make them stick to the shaving cream.  2020-04-12 19.13.262020-04-12 19.21.41

We also had time to focus on our Savior and have a special Easter service at home.  What a treasure this time together is.  No fancy pics this year because we spent the whole day in our jammies 🙂

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