When the world stood still. Is it April? Is it May? I don’t know.

Fun in the last big snow of the season. 2020-04-17 13.25.21I went out walking in the freezing cold just to escape the house for a little while. It was really beautiful with all the trees weighed down with snow.

2020-04-16 10.16.54We had a very special conference where we got to do the Hosanna Shout to commemorate 200 years since the First Vision.  It was really neat to do at home all together.  2020-04-06 09.31.21This is how Josh does school:2020-04-07 11.38.54Lots of lunch dates.  This one, no one could agree where to go. Since we’ve got nothing but time, everyone got to go exactly where they wanted.  2020-04-07 12.42.59Making Masks.2020-04-06 13.03.34Happy Birthday Jim.  2020-04-05 12.51.45Are you even a red blooded American housewife if you haven’t made a sourdough starter during Quarantine?2020-04-05 13.36.13Cinnamon rolls for conference.  These are my best yet.  I’ve perfected my recipe!  The secret is in the maple extract in the cream cheese frosting.  It’s life changing.  2020-04-05 10.57.57We made our very own laser maze.2020-04-03 14.50.572020-04-03 14.13.45Blake built Dash a combo house and play structure 2020-05-09 11.05.25-1Rusty and I got to help pack food boxes at the salvation army.  2020-05-15 05.46.57Mother’s Day treats for my friends.  There were several kinds of cookies , homemade strawberry ice cream, and my new favorite, Muddy buddy marshmallow treats.  A hybrid of muddy buddies and rice krispie treats.  SO YUM.  Recipe from Butternutbakeryblog.com2020-05-09 15.29.36Happy Birthday Jane!  Our very first birthday parade. 2020-04-25 13.11.49-1Meatball subs at Food trucks at Skyline pool for dinner.  Dash found a nice spot to rest.  2020-05-12 19.34.34LOTS of Dash snuggles!2020-05-31 10.43.40Golf with Dad. They just hopped the fence and played on the hole behind our house.  2020-05-27 19.31.43Baby birds!!2020-05-22 13.20.542020-05-29 20.08.36Lots of time to play with Snapchat filters.2020-04-20 11.09.00Halle’s Peep diorama 2020-04-19 15.54.12Our Monday night Girls nights–social distance style!2020-04-20 21.24.00Blake finally has his own room!  He was a great help getting it painted and organized.  I wish I took a pic of his closet!  We put in a whole organizational system and I love it!2020-04-14 12.40.51Halle’s school station.  Dash is always at her feet.  They both love it. 2020-04-15 09.44.06Rusty interviews with Google!!2020-04-20 07.52.05Tulips in bloom.  A bright spot in a boring life.  2020-04-08 18.38.53Halle needed a mental health day.  We went and found the Highland Cattle that life right here in Erie!  Who knew? 2020-04-21 13.59.59I told Josh he couldn’t spend one more minute in his bed.  This was his solution.  2020-04-22 21.00.54Halle’s poor knees are killing her!  So on a family walk we pulled her in the wagon so she could still come with us.  Blake pulled her around with his motorcycle after we were done.  2020-04-26 12.43.362020-04-26 13.08.35Hiking in Boulder2020-04-24 12.10.29Our Stake did a food drive.  Rusty is on the Stake Public Affairs committee, so he got to head the effort.  This was at the very beginning –by the end we had enough food to feed 30 families for a month.  2020-05-02 10.54.53Now it’s Luke’s turn for the birthday parade!2020-05-31 14.08.17-1Corona Cookie decorating.  This was so fun!  A local bakery put together kits and published a youtube video teaching the kids how to decorate their cookies.

Mother’s Day 20202020-05-10 15.13.10

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