June 2019 recap

Lazy Summer mornings snuggling with Dash.2019-06-01 08.13.19Blake is trying to earn some $$ so Halle and Josh can sign up to have him do their jobs.  They love it!2019-06-07 18.02.37Steven comes for a visit.  I was at YW Camp, but Rusty was so happy to see him.  2019-06-04 12.45.39Kami KILLS the Boulder Ironman, taking 1st place in her age group and securing a spot to Kona.  IT WAS SO INSPIRING.  And we celebrated Rusty’s Bday with some Crumbl cookies.

Water world!  Amber had buy one get on to Pharoah’s Feast this year and the kids LOVED it.  All the soda, ice cream, french fries they could eat.  Perfect summer day. 2019-06-12 18.08.32Blake sleeps after a rousing game of Monopoly.2019-06-13 15.17.05Checking out the new Adventure Forest at the Denver Children’s Museum.  It was really cool!  2019-06-26 14.18.09Other favorites included making our own rockets, playing with bubbles and building. 2019-06-26 15.39.42Our Backyard being Ugly. 2019-06-26 20.26.59We celebrated our one year Londonversary with some Harry Potter Themed Macrons.  Butter Beer, Polyjuice Potion, Chocolate Frog, and Fizzing Wizby.  Completely unplanned, two of three children were wearing Potter themed shirts 🙂 2019-06-29 14.29.24Rusty does the Lake to Lake Olympic Distance Triathlon.  In keeping with our cold weather June, it was a brisk 60 degrees and rainy.  That made for a VERY cold swim.  It was torturous.  2019-06-22 06.18.582019-06-22 10.53.26Rainy Sunday at Estes Park.  The weather this June will not give us a break!  But, we saw a BEAR in RMNP, so it was all worth it. Rainy Sunday in Estes Park2019-06-30 18.51.13And quite possibly the very best event in June–Yappy Hour. A dog social hour complete with a doggie food truck, a pet psychic, and doggie caricatures.  It was the most hilarious thing ever.  Yappy Hour

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