Parade of Lights 2021

The parade was BACK this year! Unfortunately, the club at the Hyatt was not. So we booked the Staybridge Sweets so we could have a kitchen. It worked out great!

The day started at Empower Field at Mile High Stadium where the Tigers played in the State Championship football game. The band got to come along as well. It was a cool experience! They got to play right down near the field. Their playing made everything more festive and fun. The score was 34-34 with 30 seconds to go. Chatfield threw an amazing pass to win the game. We were sad. But, it was a great game and so fun to listen to Josh play.

We just stayed and roamed around Denver until it was time to check in to the hotel. We had chic-fli-a nuggets and other finger foods for dinner and then made our way down to our spot. It was a BEAUTIFUL 53 degrees outside. The kids mostly just had on hoodies. No real need for coats or hats or gloves. It’s always a long wait foe the parade to make its way to us. The kids got together an impromptu game of football that had kids along the entire street joining in the fun. The Parade was great, as always. Two new additions this year—the CSU Marching band complete with Cam the Ram, and a new Grinch ballon. The ballon was awesome, but I think the Grinch had a lot of trouble navigating the traffic lights. He significantly slowed down the entire parade.

After the parade, and after Josh screaming praise to all the saxophones in all the marching bands, we made our way to the Giving Machines. Each kid got to pick a gift to donate. Luke chose a goat, and loved watching the card fall from the machine. He knew he wasn’t getting a goat, but he was distraught to learn that he did not get to keep the card. He hung his head and said, “the Giving Machines are the stupidest thing ever.” We all got a good chuckle.

Back to the hotel for Peppermint Haggan das ice cream sandwiches and a holiday movie. We watched …….. about dad telling his daughter the story of when he REALLY wanted a Nintendo for Christmas and all the great lengths he went through to get one. I think the kids liked it ok, but Rusty LOVED it. He was laughing through the whole thing.

The next morning we are breakfast down in the lobby. Due to Covid, the hotel didn’t let you serve yourself at the buffet. Instead one poor employee had to take your order, run around the buffet to fill it, get your drink and bring it all back to you. One person. For the entire breakfast. I felt so bad for her.

We watched church in TV (a bright spot in all the Covid restrictions—the option to watch is awesome) the littles swam in the pool and then we headed home.

Another successful parade in the books. None of us liked to think about the fact that Halle and Grace might not be here next year. Maybe we can fly them home for the weekend???

I love this tradition so much. It really feels like Christmas time after the parade. Let the Christmas season begin!

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