Can’t stop tradition

Even temps forecasted to be hovering around 0 degrees couldn’t stop us from attending one of our favorite holiday traditions—The Denver Parade of Lights.  We stayed over night at the Hyatt again this year, and despite almost freezing to death, we had a great time. Denver was a ghost town.  Usually we have to stake out a spot really early.  This year we walked down about 30 seconds before the parade started and snagged a great spot.   I bought all the kids a pair of thermals, or as Blake calls them, “caramels.” You would have thought it was Christmas—they loved them so much.  And now they wear them every chance they get. 
After Parade we went to Mellow Mushroom pizza.  It was really yummy!  The next morning brought a delicious buffet breakfast, and swimming at the pool.  We then headed to church.  On the way home from church Blake said, “I can’t wait to get back to the hotel!”  We had to inform him we were headed home, and not back to the hotel.  Pretty sure that broke his little heart. He cried and cried.  Apparently he had told his whole Sunbeam class that he was headed back to Denver to stay in a hotel.  Such disappointment. 
IMG_2446 IMG_2448 IMG_2449

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