April 2017 Highlights

Another busy month at our house!  (I wonder if there will be a month I don’t say that)

Our favorite part of April was honoring Jim.  I can’t believe he has been gone a year.  It feels like a lifetime.  The grief is still so heavy and always present.  But so is his spirit of optimism, love and laughter.  His birthday is April 5th and we wanted to do something to celebrate.  We decided to buy some toys at Target and donate them to the Children’s hospital.  It felt really good to do something that made us happy on an otherwise really tough day.  We went to deliver some birthday flowers to his grave.  Jim, we miss you every day.
2017-04-05 09.37.112017-04-05 09.54.55

2017-04-05 10.22.31

2017-04-05 10.21.33

Halle, Rusty and I spoke in Sacrament meeting.  Blake gave a talk in Primary.  Josh was the only lucky one who didn’t have to speak.  Everyone did great!

Tara Rust Halle speaking in church on power of prayer. Blake gave primary talk on Jesus is ultimate example

These two little track stars are still running, jumping and hurdling.  And….track meets are LONG!

Halle and Grace Track Meet

I spy a Coyote!


Blake and Dad on a fishing date.  They caught a crawdad!

2017-04-14 19.25.302017-04-14 19.09.59

2017-04-14 18.37.01

Dad and Josh on a tennis date with a trip to 7 Eleven and the park after they were done. Josh is getting so good at tennis!

Josh Kid Date. Tennis and Pizza at 7 elevenTennis Kid date Josh

I got to ride the bus with the 2nd grade and help chaperone their fieldtrip to the Fisk Planetarium.

Blake 2nd grade fieldtrip to Fisk Planetarium

Josh’s last Pinewood Derby!!  Meet the Stormtrooper Bobsled.

2017-04-26 19.36.55

Blake did not want to leave the Pinewood Derby 🙂

2017-04-26 19.41.24

Date club at Gateway Fun Park and dinner after.  We had a great time racing go carts and hitting at the batting cages.

2017-04-15 18.15.482017-04-15 20.14.14

Blake Sleeps instead of going to his tennis lesson.  He had to pay Rusty $13 for this nap to offset the cost of his lesson.

2017-04-27 16.43.10

Halle and Rusty went on a date to see the Lamb of God.  They met up with the Rowberry’s while they were there.

2017-04-08 21.21.33

Josh’s choir concert.  Josh spent years telling me how he would NEVER do choir.  So much to my surprise he has loved every minute of choir.  This year they performed songs from Mary Poppins.  They did a really great job.

2017-04-05 19.29.21

Rusty is still hard at work at home.  It’s fun to have him around so much these days.  I have my own personal laundry changer.  I’ll run errands or be out with friends and send him texts to keep the laundry going.  So all I have to do is fold and put away when I get home!

2017-04-03 08.21.42

Girls trip to Breckenridge to stay at Amber Martinez condo.  It was some much needed R&R.  Although, we hardly slept, so maybe scratch that first R.  But we did EAT.  A LOT. We mostly cooked at the condo and that was super fun.  We watched La La Land and sat in the hot tub too.

2017-04-28 19.15.152017-04-28 14.21.25-1

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