Princess Diana Memorial

After a nice lazy morning, we made our way to Hyde Park.  We took a bus from Victoria.  I’ve never seen so many busses in one place before!

2018-06-13 14.01.34On the bus we tore a Sudoku puzzle out of the newspaper and passed the time trying to solve it.  2018-06-13 14.13.09

2018-06-14 10.38.272018-06-13 14.46.502018-06-13 16.09.022018-06-13 16.07.02The paper boats kept disintegrating, so the kids got clever and went with organic material.  They put their toys at the center and wrapped them in leaves and sticks and called them submarines.  One time Blake’s submarine went under a bridge and didn’t come out the other side.  We feared it was lost forever, but Josh saved the day.  It had gotten stuck on a metal bar under the bridge and he fished it out.  Blake was so happy!2018-06-13 16.37.532018-06-13 16.09.13Cute little duck family at the edge of the Serpentine2018-06-13 17.53.34

We then went to show the kids Harrod’s famous food hall and they each got to pick a treat.

2018-06-13 18.36.08Home again, home again, jiggity jig.
2018-06-13 18.51.26

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