BolderBoulder 10k 2019

It was PERFECT running weather this year! Sarah and Dani and Rusty and Marc all decided to race early and then come back for round 2 with the kids.2019-05-27 07.37.272019-05-27 11.19.47DSC06495-e22a8f79b433b3133fecf7ab1b3cdaba

That meant I was in charge of getting 6 kids to the start line. Luckily we have our routine down to a science and we made it with no trouble.2019-05-27 12.40.08-1

Sarah and Dani met us at the start line and Rusty had plans to meet us a few miles in.  Halle and Grace were on their own. Claire, Josh and Dani started together, and Sarah and I started with Max and Blake. 2019-05-27 08.39.16-32019-05-27 08.40.07-1-12019-05-27 08.40.34-1

The little boys were determined to take advantage of all the fun the course had to offer. We ate bacon and Doritos. Did the slip n slide (burrr!) and found our favorite new addition to the course, Cotton Candy Corner.2019-05-27 09.21.47

2019-05-27 09.30.17

2019-05-27 09.11.23-1

Rusty caught us about 2 miles in and the Sarah and Max took off about mile 4. Blake did great. His feet were hurting so he wouldn’t run much after mile 4, but we just plodded along. And when we got to the track at Folsom Field he look off like a lightening bolt! I was sprinting trying to keep up with him but I had no chance. He though it was the funniest thing in the world.2019-05-27 10.37.48

We got our snack bags and met in our usual Section, 111. Come to find out Dani and Claire were on a mission, so Josh ran most the race by himself. He said he still had fun, but I think he was a little disappointed. It’s more fun to run with a partner.DSC00381-7aae1f0a3619c3ce8fdee5d28d28c6bc

Halle and Grace rocked their run, coming in with their fastest time yet!OSS_2474-b4faa033bab0dc24eaded693cc472d91 (1)

Then we were off to the expo. The greatest thing this year was the chic fli a nugget truck. It was a giant truck with a conveyor that dispensed 2 little nuggets into a tiny box. The kids were THRILLED. We went back multiple times 🙂2019-05-27 11.00.33

Now for the best part—the Memorial Day tribute. It was inspiring to hear stories of Colorado soldiers who sacrificed their life for our country. It’s such a sobering and patriotic moment. A WWII Vet played the national anthem on his trumpet and the fighter jets flew over the stadium with precision timing right as he ended.

And of course, everyone loved the sky divers. It is SUCH A FUN DAY. Combine patriotism, best friends, athletic endeavor, and a whole lot of fun—what could be better?2019-05-27 12.32.30This was my 10th anniversary running and I hope to have many more decades ahead of me at the BOLDERBoulder.2019-05-27 12.39.27

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