November re-cap

We’ve been reading Wonder as a family for the past couple of months in anticipation of seeing the movie together.  We had to finish the book snuggled up in bed right before we went to see the movie!  We all LOVED this book and the beautiful message that it shares.  My favorite passage reads, “If every person in this room made it a rule that wherever you are, whenever you can, you will try to act a little kinder than is necessary – the world really would be a better place. And if you do this, if you act just a little kinder than is necessary, someone else, somewhere, someday, may recognize in you, in every single one of you, the face of God.”

2017-11-22 08.34.08                                                                    download

Blake Sleeps after church2017-11-05 15.46.39

Halle had an awesome patriotic band concert.  The HS band joined them for a few numbers and it was LOUD!!

2017-11-08 19.50.31

I accidentally threw my keys in the garbage!  I hunted for them everywhere before remembering a suspicious THUD when I threw away a pile of garbage from the car.

2017-11-10 12.05.49

Josh redeemed his birthday gift from Rusty at a Buff’s game.  They had a great time!

2017-11-10 18.57.18

I took my little Wolf scouts on a tour of some beautiful church buildings in downtown Erie.  This one is a Methodist church that was the first church in Erie!  The pastor named the town after his hometown of Erie, PA.

2017-11-14 16.57.52

One of the most fun activities of the year–Thanksgiving dinner!  The YM/YW look forward to this all year!

2017-11-14 19.14.23

Blake took a looooooooooooooong bath!

2017-11-14 20.37.37

Max was baptized!  And this is the only pic I took.  Sad.  Rusty was honored that Max asked him to give the talk on Baptism on his special day.  He had some stepping stones to teach Max the path back to Heavenly Father.  It was so cute.


Jane got Rusty good at church.  He was walking to Sunday School and this is what I saw:

2017-11-19 12.13.34

FRIENDSGIVING!  Elly and Scott invited us over for a beautiful, delicious Friendsgiving dinner.  It was so much fun!

2017-11-19 18.13.432017-11-19 18.14.402017-11-19 18.15.01

Mountain Biking in the hills behind Erie on a LOVELY November day.

2017-11-20 16.12.50-12017-11-20 16.46.11

Max getting his Bobcat. The tradition goes that the mom’s pin the bobcat upside down and then the scout has to “do a good turn” in order to turn it right side up.

2017-11-28 18.42.33

Josh earned his Arrow of Light!  The highest award in the cub scout program.  I am so proud of him!

2017-11-28 18.58.19

I went to the Denver Rescue Mission to serve lunch.  I just love volunteering there!

2017-11-30 11.47.40

The Stake holds an activity called Beans Leaves and Teens.  They rake leaves to collect cans of food and then they eat BLTs when they are done.


We waited too long to get a pic at CO Feeding Kids this year and lots of people had left.  This year was a bit of a bummer because 1/2 the food bags got left off the truck and didn’t make it to us. So, we weren’t able to package as many meals as we would have liked.  But, all in all, it was still a good day.

Photo Dec 05, 7 44 13 AM

Co Feeding kids 2017

Halle hosted a Thanksgiving craft camp to keep earning money for DC.  This was a super fun one.  I love all the crafts we made!  Josh was hired as a special helper and he worked hard cleaning up after all of us.

Thanksgiving craft camp2017-11-21 14.25.08

2017-11-21 14.30.15.jpg

It was Halle’s turn to put the star on the tree.  And she just informed me that she only has one more turn to put the star on the tree while she lives at home.  WHAT?????  2017-11-26 16.57.15

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