BB10k 2017

BB10k just keeps getting better and better.  This year Mary Techera offered to watch the non running kids at her Daycare at the Colorado Athletic Club.  This was AMAZING, as the club is right at the starting line. I think the little kids liked it to because they felt part of the race.

2017-05-29 08.52.03-1

By the time we got all the kids dropped off and settled, we started in the very last wave.  I don’t recommend that.  We had to dodge people left and right.

2017-05-29 09.17.15

2017-05-29 09.22.00

Sarah did the race with us this year and we all had such a good time. We were so glad Dani was in town again to continue the tradition.  Scott and Elly also hung out with us for the first mile or so.  Grace and Dani were speedy demons and beat us all.  We kept our tradition of doing something fun at every mile marker, but we skipped the slip n slide this year.  Line was crazy long!  Check out Sarah’s amazing leap!
2017-05-29 09.36.19-1-2


2017-05-29 09.28.29

This was the most hilarious thing we saw this year.  Indiana Jones and his Boulder.

2017-05-29 09.40.522017-05-29 10.11.13-12017-05-29 10.22.332017-05-29 10.26.58 HDR

Halle and Claire jammed out on stage with the Chic fli a cows.

2017-05-29 10.29.55

Halle ROCKED the last mile and it was so much fun to finish with her!

2017-05-29 10.59.342017-05-29 11.01.24

Mmmmm….we all love the goodie bags and walking through the expo for more treats.

2017-05-29 11.57.07

We pooped out 1/2 way back to the car so Rusty ran, got the car, and picked us up.  So chivalrous.

2017-05-29 12.11.24

BB10 collage 2BB10 collage

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