April Recap

Another month is in the books!  Rusty and the Teachers had Anne McDowell teach them how to create food art.  2019-04-02 19.31.43Blake earned his 100 miles!  He has been working so hard this year.

2019-04-05 08.27.34General Conference.  Every year we try to pick a service project to do in honor of Jim’s birthday.  This year Halle researched on Just Serve.org and came up with “Warm the Nights.”  We packed food kits for a shelter in Aurora to hand out to people as they leave for the day.  We packed 30 kits in all.   2019-04-06 11.45.12Annual Ice Cream party!  It was Josh’s first time attending the Priesthood session of conference, and he was a little sad to miss this tradition. 2019-04-06 18.38.10Sunday stroll up to the Cemetery to put flowers on Jim’s Grave for his birthday. 2019-04-07 12.36.162019-04-07 12.54.18
Dash being a weirdo. 2019-04-10 08.59.25I think Dash is giving Churro a big hug here.  He’s saying, “Thank you for being so cute and good while the Banks watched you.  Because of you, now they have me!” 2019-04-12 18.07.05Sunday night Shenanigans 2019-04-14 19.00.20My tulips are blooming!  They are beautiful, but they always bloom earlier than anyone else.  I wonder if I didn’t plant them deep enough.  Frost got them again this year.  But, they were fun while they lasted! 2019-04-15 16.09.23Due to a very strange situation, all schools on the front range were cancelled.  It was near the 20th anniversary of the Columbine shooting and a teen named Sol Pais traveled from Miami to Denver, purchased a gun, and then disappeared.  Police said she was a credible enough threat that safety of school children should be a top priority.  She was found dead (suicide) near Mt Evans later in the morning.  Ninja Nation kindly opened their doors for free and let kids come play.  We gathered a group and played the day away.  It was really fun!  Amber went to Wendy’s and got a ton of french fries.  They were gobbled up in seconds flat.  2019-04-17 13.02.192019-04-17 13.31.23Josh at his District track meet in Lyons.  It was a beautifully sunny afternoon and he did great.  2019-04-19 15.37.13-1-12019-04-19 16.49.51Blake has been working hard to perfect his backflip.

2019-04-23 18.19.30-12019-04-23 19.30.35Rusty took Halle on a date to TechStars Demo day.  She loved it!  She came home with a remote control candle that she can’t get enough of.  2019-04-23 19.00.35Jane’s birthday.  I’ve never had anyone react so positively to a present before.  It was adorable.  I got her a pair of pink, shiny Vans.  2019-04-28 18.13.49

Laurel Fashion show!  They invited all the YW and Activity Day girls and modeled formal wear and wedding dresses.  It was a fun night and I can’t believe how grown up Halle looked.  She strutted her stuff on the runway! Laurel Fashion showRusty’s boys trip to Moab.  The had a harrowing mountain bike ride and we’re all glad they lived to tell the tale.  I’ll see if I can steal a few paragraphs from his journal to flesh out some details.  Rusty Moab tripDate Club amazing raceEaster.  I took not one pic in Easter cloths, and not one pic of the kids with their baskets.  How unlike me!  This year we got the Egg Matic.  You put the egg inside and it spins it around.  Then you take different colored markers and create your designs.  It was unique, fun, and most importantly, mess free.  We had a fun Easter Dinner at Rowberry’s.Easter 2019

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