September recap

It has been a beautiful month!  I love fall with its cool mornings and warm afternoons.  It makes everything feel right. 
The month began with a trip to Yaya orchards.  Unfortunately, most of the orchard was wiped out this spring from all the rain.  But we still got to go on a tractor ride, pick flowers, feed the horses and enjoy some delicious homemade apple cider and apple cider donuts. 
2015-09-05 13.32.21-1
2015-09-05 12.58.412015-09-05 12.58.362015-09-05 13.20.39 HDR2015-09-05 13.22.58 HDR
Next up was Elich Gardens with cousins on Labor Day.  The kids earned free passes from their summer reading program, and then Amber Martinez gave me a bunch of passes she wasn’t going to be able to use, which made our day even better!  All the kids were brave trying the big rides for the first time.  It POURED rain in the middle of the day, but that helped really clear out the water park and the kids had a great time going down the slides for the last hour of our day. 
2015-09-07 11.01.012015-09-07 11.51.282015-09-07 11.53.112015-09-07 12.22.002015-09-07 13.34.56 HDR2015-09-07 13.47.322015-09-07 14.52.38 HDR-12015-09-07 15.11.40 HDR-12015-09-07 17.45.12
Blake “played” soccer and his team was named the Minions.  Play is a very loose term that mostly means standing around, laying down, or complaining that his legs were too tired to run. 
2015-09-12 12.29.40
We had an awesome date night riding surries around Wash park in Denver and then eating Tacos after.  And for the record, these things are hard to pedal!
2015-09-12 18.13.302015-09-12 18.22.342015-09-12 18.40.34
Halle won the pie baking contest at our Stake BBQ.  Her Peaches and Cream pie blew the competition out of the water.  YUM!
2015-09-19 18.48.06
I heart Rusty. 
2015-09-20 13.13.58
The kids got to help repair some mountain biking trails near our house.  Later that day Rusty took the boys up to ride the trails.  It did not go well.
2015-09-26 09.55.59
2015-09-26 18.06.31
The kids made me the GREATEST cards for my birthday.  Kid cards have to be one of the greatest things on the earth.  I love them.
2015-09-28 19.34.582015-09-28 19.35.14
Blake was very upset that Halle used my favorite animal, the Panda.  So he decided to make me a dog on yellow paper because I love yellow. 
2015-09-28 19.35.342015-09-28 19.35.50
Josh made me a coupon book full of very thoughtful coupons.  My favorite says, “This coupon is valid for 3 times of helping with dinner even during screen time.”
There was also one that was good for 30 times of helping Blake with his morning jobs. So sweet.
2015-09-28 19.36.04
Tapinfluence rebranded itself once again:
2015-09-26 16.51.252015-09-26 12.30.472015-09-26 16.51.34
We have enjoyed many beautiful evenings on our bikes, at the park, and at the tennis court.  On this particular night we got to see a hawk up close and personal!
2015-09-27 18.38.17

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