27 days and counting

Picnik collage

That’s how many days until Blake turns 1! He is a sweet and spunky 11 month old.  He loves balls, bottles, and Baby Einstein. He just cut two more teeth, bringing the grand total to 6.  He learned two more words, “dog” and “dada.” He is also learning a few signs.  He can do “eat,” “dog,” “all done,” and “milk.”

crawling monster edit 

Picnik collage 2

He loves music and will stop whatever he is doing and listen intently when he hears it.  He loves when I sing him “Wheels on the Bus” and always laughs at the baby verse and the mommy verse. 

Blake is 11 months edit 



4 thoughts on “27 days and counting

  1. He's too cute. I love his chubby self. In answer to your question I just bought Sam regular diapers. And no, his nap taking is down from 5 to 2 a day. That 5 a day was a little crazy, huh? When are you coming to Utah?


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