Tate Modern and England World Cup!

We decided to wait until the late afternoon to venture out.  We are tired of  battling the heat (I feel like I say that everyday!) and since the Tate was open late tonight, it was nice to go out after the peak heat of the day.  We hoped to be able to catch the end of the World Cup match on an outdoor screen, but when we arrived they were only showing Wimbledon.  It might be the first time we were disappointed to see Wimbledon 🙂2018-07-07 15.38.412018-07-07 16.50.38

We went over outside a nearby pub so we could catch the celebrating as the game ended.  England 2.  Sweeden 0.  We’ve loved catching world cup fever and learning the ‘It’s coming Home” song.  And, I think we are good luck for English sports!  When we were here in 2013 Andy Murray won Wimbledon and now England has advanced to the semi-finals!

2018-07-07 23.05.48

We then tried to go to the Sky Garden at the Walkie Talkie.  You can get free tickets in advance, but we’d read you could also just go wait in line.  Well, you can do that on the weekdays.  Today is Sat and you have to have a ticket on the weekend.  Bummer.  But, we did get to see this cool living wall:2018-07-07 18.15.102018-07-07 18.25.57

Now across Millennium Bridge to Tate Modern!  But first, a quick stop off for some take-away fish and chips.  I love eating dinner in front of amazing, historical sites!  2018-07-07 18.46.58

I think this Bridge offers some of the most beautiful views of London!2018-07-07 19.17.382018-07-07 19.19.222018-07-07 19.28.18-1The kids weren’t all that impressed with Tate, but Halle and Josh had a pretty funny time making up titles for all the art work.  Right at the very end we came across the Creative Space where the kids could draw their own art and project it on the wall.  That was super fun and they had a good time creating.  2018-07-07 20.34.322018-07-07 20.51.332018-07-07 20.45.03Mine and Rustys favorite piece was this one.  It was so awesome.

Then city magic kicked in and knew the kids were ready for a little fun.  Right out of the back of the Tate we ran into these super fun swings!  It makes life so exciting not knowing what new thing you are going to discover just around the bend.

2018-07-07 21.07.23It was also Pride Day in London today.  It was fun to see all the rainbows flying!  It would have been fun to see the big parade but I just didn’t have the energy to face the crowds and the heat together.  2018-07-06 21.23.17IMG_4857

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