Bahia Honda

While Halle was off hanging out with Dolphins, the rest of us were hanging out at Star Fish Haven. Rusty and Josh went out on the paddle boards and kaykas, and Blake and I rode our bikes around and stopped for a soda at the little general store. We also grabbed Yatzee to play from the little community room

After we picked up Halle from the Dolphin Research Center we hit up Bahia Honda. It was really beautiful here! The pics don’t do it justice. The water was so clear and blue. The pics look brownish. We ate lunch at a picnic table and then climbed up the old bridge. While we were there looking down at the water on the other side of the beach we saw a nurse shark swimming around! The boys all immediately ran for their snorkle gear. They never found the nurse shark, but we did she a gigantic sting ray, some conch shells, and Blake found a little fish friend that he followed around forever. Fun times!

After we had our fill of the beach we went in search of the Key Deer. We didn’t see any deer, but we did see a rare American Crocodile at the Blue Hole. It was awesome!

We came home and grilled for dinner. It perfectly hit the spot! We played Yatzee and then we hit the hay. Or should I say, I played Yatzee. Everyone else were quitters.

Rusty is always taking pictures of us eating. Josh is protesting.

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