Tower of London and Borough Market

Papa brought us Cronuts to Tower of London.  They were Lemon flavored.  I think the cronut has lost its magic.  it was good, but not great.  2018-06-07 10.29.112018-06-07 10.29.252018-06-07 10.34.08-1IMG_0361
Our favorite parts were the weapons room and the Crown Jewels. 2018-06-07 11.29.13 _DSC4047_DSC4028

The kids love the legend of the Ravens.  As long as the ravens stay at the Tower, it will never fall.  They were grossed out to learn that the ravens eat blood soaked biscuits. Screen Shot 2018-06-16 at 7.19.50 PMAnd, we ran into Amber and Easton!  It was so fun to see them in London!  Then we walked over Tower Bridge on our way to lunch at Borough Market.
2018-06-07 13.15.322018-06-07 13.26.362018-06-07 13.29.182018-06-07 13.37.13_DSC4053

At Borough Market we sampled lots of delicious things.  The boys had Bacon mac and cheese, Halle had an amazing grilled cheese and a smoothie, and Rusty and I shared a Lamb bowl and a goat cheese and Focaccia.  And for dessert?  The famous donuts from Bread Apart.  2018-06-07 14.45.092018-06-07 14.03.30_DSC4060

Again, the boys were done at this point.  I took them home while everyone else went to the Churchill museum.  We all met back at our Flat for Indian Food later in the evening.  It was fun just to relax and kick back and not try to fit 9 people in a tiny London restaurant.

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