Bike Tour of London

Our day began at St Paul’s Cathedral. It’s such a beautiful building! But we had quite the adventure to get there._DSC3960.jpg We took the train form Clapham Junction and then needed to transfer to the Underground at Victoria Station. Well–Victoria was too congested so they closed the gates and we were all trapped like cattle! They held us there until some of the congestion cleared then they opened the gate only a tiny bit and we all had to funnel through.

We climbed the 528 stairs to the Dome, stopping at the Whispering Gallery along they way. We all had great fun whispering all the way around. It was crazy! We’d be on opposite ends of the dome and it sounding like we were standing right next to each other. The view from the top was brilliant!St Paul Dome
One of my favorite things in the interior is the American Chapel, dedicated to the American Soldiers who helped London in WWII.  We had fun spotting the state symbols of Utah and Colorado.American Chapel

2018-06-06 09.23.102018-06-06 10.02.40

Now we were on to our bike ride. I think biking is such a fun way to see the city! It’s such a great overview. Our tour included Kensington Palace, Hyde Park, Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abby. We stopped for lunch at Trafalgar Square at Pret a Manger.




It was a warm, sunny day, making the Diana Memorial one of our very favorite stops. We threw our shoes off and took a quick dip. The cold water felt so good on our feet!
2018-06-06 15.01.0320180606_150147.jpg_DSC4017

After our tour was over we were ready for a treat. Magnum Bars for the win!

Now, ladies and gentlemen, the moment they’ve been waiting for……HAMILTON WEST END! Grandma and Grandpa, Nat and Michael and Halle and Rusty made their way to Victoria Theater. There were suuuper early and practically had the place to themselves. Halle got some commemorative pins for her backpack and Natalie got a Schuyler Sisters shirt. Everyone LOVED it. Highlight of the trip for sure. Although, Halle said Aaron Burr sounded like he was wearing a retainer. 😂 Her favorite song was Right Hand Man. Rusty liked how tall Hamilton was. He was 6’4″. He said it gave him such great stage presence.

Although I was disappointed not to be at Hamilton at with everyone else, the boys and I had a wonderfully relaxing evening back at our flat. We all needed it. We are wiped out!

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