London Science Museum and West End Live

We took a trip to the Science Museum.  It was pretty fun. The museum is free to enter, but then all the fun stuff to do costs money. Of course.  Hands down, our favorite things was the Flight 360.  It was a flight simulator that could spin in complete circles.  We had a blast flying tricks in our plane and crashing many, many times.
2018-06-15 15.04.512018-06-15 15.19.01
I was so tired today! After falling asleep at the Museum, I decided to head back home. 2018-06-15 15.43.43
The kids also loved this exhibit where they could create their own Rovers that would then show up on the big screen and they could see how far their Rover could get on the space terrain. 2018-06-15 15.59.53  The Hyde Park Chapel is on the same street as all the museums and has a little visitors center.  So, Rusty and the kids went to check it out.  2018-06-15 18.07.18
After and tube and a train ride home I had tacos waiting for their arrival.2018-06-15 18.18.20.jpg

Saturday morning we went to breakfast at the Breakfast Club.  2018-06-16 09.59.27
Then Halle and I took a bus to West End Live and Trafalgar Square. 2018-06-16 11.17.46 There was a huge line to get in, but it moved quickly. And luckily the day was quite cool.  We had the best time smooshed in Trafalgar square with thousands of others rocking along to our favorite Broadway tunes.  Events like this are what make city living so fun!  We saw Aladdin, MoTown, Kinky Boots, Wicked, Matilda, Bat out of Hell, Les Mis, and Phantom.  We both agreed that Les Mis was our favorite.  Now it made us want to go to all the West End shows!  2018-06-16 12.53.54

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