Brian Head Trip with the Cornells

Hi, it’s Blake.  Our trip was really fun. We hiked a lot to see pretty things like waterfalls and cool canyons. One day we went to Bryce Canyon and  had lots of cool sites. Another day we went to this fun place with a zip line and bungee jumping which made it feel like you were flying. It also had a biking trail and a tube slide which was awesome! There were also movie nights where older people watched lord of the rings while younger people watched finding Nemo and trolls world tour. I slept in the closet which was kinda cool. We did this hike where there was a lot of water you had to go through which some people liked and some didn’t. At our hotel there was a pool with 2 hot tubes and a game room with air hockey, 8 ball pool, and ping pong. Grandma is really good at Ping Pong!

After getting stuck in a traffic accident that added an hour to our drive we had a much needed stop at the Beaver Creamery: IMG_3715

Cedar Breaks National Monument: IMG_3732IMG_37342020-07-20 20.41.51

Kanarraville Falls.  This might have been the one perk of Covid this summer.  Reservations were required to hike and so we practically had the place to ourselves!

kanarraville-falls-groupBadass Sister scaling ladders and waterfalls with a baby strapped to her chest2020-07-21 11.45.062020-07-21 10.55.292020-07-21 10.34.00Bryce Canyon: 2020-07-22 12.38.112020-07-22 14.05.002020-07-22 13.46.46Grandma is really good at Ping Pong!2020-07-22 18.36.28IMG_377320200723_172519At the beginning of the Crystal Falls (I think??) hike2020-07-23 12.15.32Rusty, Carlie, Michael and Nat decided to Mountain bike at meet us at Navajo Lake.  The pictures don’t do it justice, but it POURED rain.  Really hard, for a really long time.  And there was thunder and lightening.  It made for quite the adventure2020-07-23 14.37.49I wish you could tell how muddy and wet they really were!  2020-07-23 14.44.11

Landon got some really cool pics of Comet Neowise. It was really fun to see!

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