London Zoo, Camden Market, and Primrose Hill

2018-06-29 14.22.40Today was a great day!  Everyone got to do something they really love.  First Up: London Zoo.  Halle and Blake loved seeing all the animals! Blake’s perspective:Blake2018-06-29 12.17.22IMG_4180

Blake wanted allll the stuffies in the gift shop.  He settled on a hedgehog that was on sale for £3!  He was so excited.  Josh got a turtle.  He declared that turtles “are the most adorable animal to ever live!”

Then on to Camden Town and Camden Market for me!  This place was insane!  So unique.  The building decor was so much fun.  Halle and I were having the best time soaking it all in.  And there was for sale any kind of souvenir, antiques, second-hand clothing, crafts, jewelry, etc…..2018-06-29 15.11.562018-06-29 14.48.14The crowds were massive and the vibe was super cool and alternative.   We made our way to the Food Market and heaven awaited us.  So many delicious choices.  Camden Market is officially my favorite food market in all of London.  The boys got brick oven pizza made fresh before their eyes.  Halle got a Cornish Pasty, and I got Steak and Rosemary Fries with a garlic herb butter.  This was the best thing I’ve eaten in London.  2018-06-30 08.41.13The Market is right along Regent Canal, and we wanted to take a gondola down to Little Venice, but we missed the last boat.  Darn.  It was, again, a really hot day and the kids convinced me to get them a homemade soda.  Josh chose Lemonade, Halle chose Mango Lime, and Blake chose Pink Grapefruit.  In a rare move, ice was included in the drinks!  It was a refreshing way to cool off as we strolled along the canal for a few minutes.  We stopped in the shade of a tunnel only to be accosted by the smell of urine.  Why are people so gross?!? So we didn’t linger long.2018-06-29 15.50.532018-06-29 15.55.262018-06-29 16.13.50We moved on to something Josh loves.  Screen time with a view.  We survived the walk  up Primrose Hill in Regent park.  We scoped out a great spot under the shade of a huge tree and soaked in the views of London.  Or, in the case of the kids, intermittently glanced up when there was a pause in their game.  🙂  It was a perfectly relaxing way to end our afternoon.2018-06-29 16.39.032018-06-29 16.43.42-1

2018-06-29 16.42.04The kids are doing so great.  We are walking a TON, and it’s HOT.  There is no escaping it.  Walking is hot, trains and subways are hot, our apartment is hot.  We’ve definitely had meltdown moments, and tired legs and feet, but they have great attitudes and are really taking life as it comes.  Blake loves to have challenges to earn £.  This week we’ve done days where he cannot hit or pester anyone and then he earns a £.  This has made a huuuuuge difference for all of us!  He loves earning money and we love having control of our personal space 🙂

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