Waterloo Grafitti Tunnel, London Transport Museum and Mummies at British Museum

It’s Saturday!  We were all ready to sleep in and have a lazy morning.  We cleaned, grocery shopped, did laundry, and then hit the town after lunch.  First on the agenda today was a grafitti filled tunnel near the Waterloo Train Station. 2018-06-30 13.03.18 I love graffiti, so this was a little piece of heaven.  Definitely as good as a fancy art museum to me!  Blake really loved it too. And, there were posted rules that anyone could participate so he really, really wanted to.  Alas, we had no spray paint with us 😉  2018-06-30 13.09.31He was fascinated watching an artist at work and he definitely didn’t want to leave!  2018-06-30 12.57.40

2018-06-30 12.49.43

2018-06-30 12.50.112018-06-30 12.56.45

London tricked us.  I think they use their stories of gloom and rain to keep people away.  We haven’t had a single rainstorm in a month.  And we’d pretty much give anything for a little rain right now.  But, since there is not a cloud in sight, we’ll have to settle for ice cream.  At Milk Train.  I’ve been following their instagram page for long time and these creamy creations didn’t disappoint! 2018-06-30 13.21.17

2018-06-30 13.39.59

London Transport Museum was our last stop with our London Pass.  We had a great time using it this week and really feel like we got our money’s worth and more!  Josh and Blake were not particularly interested in this, which surprised me. But, Halle loved going around and collecting her stamps on the museum trail. IMG_2192

Our last stop of the day was to the British Museum to see the Mummies.  I promised the kids that we would see the Rosetta Stone and the mummies and that was it. 2018-06-30 15.45.52 There was so much more to explore, but sometimes you have to know your audience.  And my audience was museumed out.  Lots of Museums in London are free-I think that is so cool! Another thing they do really well is engaging the younger audience.  There are games or treasure trails or apps at most of the museums. The app at the British Museum was especially fun.  You’d find an exhibit, key in the number and then participate in challenges to earn points.  Everyone got a turn to be the game master and pick which challenges to do.  There were quizzes, memory exercises, captioning games, and more! 2018-06-30 15.48.34 IMG_9799I loved the mummies so much. Egyptian life fascinates me.  Josh was completely grossed out.  Especially by this one: 2018-06-30 16.08.08

It was definitely worth a quick trip for these Mummies.  And to see the Great Hall.  So impressive! IMG_3358IMG_8622

After a few hours of playing back at the apartment, we walked to Ben’s Canteen for Pie Night.  I had high hopes for this, but really, it was just ok.  Pie was good, food was lack luster at best.  I guess it can’t all be like Milk Train and Camden Market.

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