Father’s Day in London

Happy Father’s Day to Rusty! The day started with almond croissants from Gail’s, fresh British strawberries, and his favorite protein shake.

We got him a biscuit with a badge that said “best dad” but then dad licked the frosting and changed it to “butt dad.”  In honor of Josh, and how much he loves cheese puns, I found the perfect card.

Then we were off to church! The bus was late today because there is a cycle race from London to Brighton that had lots of roads closed down. 2018-06-17 09.45.372018-06-17 10.01.56-1The Primary sang “I’m so glad when Daddy comes home,” which is pretty cute when sung with a British accent.  I had a prime spot to snap a quick picture, but then two primary teachers came and sat right in front of me.  Sad.  So, it’s not a great pic, but I wanted to get one of the cute little primary.  2018-06-17 12.38.56This ward is so kind and friendly.  We’ve felt very welcome and have loved meeting new, and interesting people.  As we left on Sunday a sweet sister gave us a box of cookies to take home.  The kids thought that was the best thing ever! 2018-06-17 13.15.39After church Rusty got to pick the park for our usual Sunday in the park picnic.  He picked Wimbledon park.  It was a fairly cold, cloudy day.  This park had grass tennis courts and Josh was so sad that he didn’t have a racket. He wanted to play on those courts so badly!  IMG_3386There was also a giant pond filled with geese, ducks and swans.  And you know we are big fans of feeding the fowls.  Meet Larry the swan.  Larry would eat bread right out of Halle’s hands and one time he got her fingers instead!2018-06-17 14.37.11
If you look closely, you can see Center Court at the All England Tennis Club in the back of this picture. IMG_3385Rusty called and talked to his dad while the kids and I snuggled on the blanket, which turned into a wrestling match where Halle got clawed to death by Josh’s sharp nails.  Which he calls his weapons.  2018-06-17 15.56.08
We ended the night back at our apartment watching Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban in preparation for our Warner Bros Studio tour next week.  We love you Rusty!  We love your energy, your ambition, and your big heart.























































































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