Manuel Antonio National Park

Rusty again–

Friday was our tour of manuel antonio national park. This day was what I call “Roasting day”. The entire day was SO HOT and I was just roasting the entire day. We hired a tour guide through Jade Tours.  Apparently at this park most everyone has a tour guide to point out the animals. The tour was fun. Our guide (also Danny) was super knowledgeable and had a little spotting scope. We saw so many different animals. It was cool to see them up close through the scope.

The tour ended at the beach. The beach is pretty beautiful here. We left Blake under a tree with a phone and the rest of us hiked to cathedral point. Hilariously enough, the actual lookout was closed because of disrepair. This is where we saw a howler monkey in the distance and then a whole troop of Capucin monkeys came up past us and we watched them forage, there were two baby monkeys in the group. They didn’t mind us at all. They came so close to us and played and ate. Halle could have watched forever.

When we got  back to the beach I used my cheap goggles to try and look for fish (no luck) and then the kids searched for hermit crabs. There was a section of the beach where there were like 100 hermit crabs. The kids had a great time making a hermit crab community.

As we were leaving we saw a mom and baby sloth. There was a guide with a scope, and he was nice enough to let Halle and Tara take a picture through his scope. Again, just SO HOT this day. We came home and crashed trying to get cold. We went to dinner at the Falafel Bar. This was definitely one of our best meals. We had smoothies, homemade hummus and naan, and a salad topping bar. Everything was so fresh and delicious.

We watched the sunset from a lookout point, and even this little doggie was enjoying the view.

Friday evening we hit the town. We rocked Quepos. We hit the farmers market and bought souvenirs and fresh orange juice. It was fun to see more of the local scene. Josh got “dripped” for surfing with a cool wooden Toucan necklace and a leather ankle bracelet Halle got a frog bracelet. And Blake got a bracelet and a necklace.  His necklace is a Toucan made out of a colon and the toucan is hand carved into the coin. It was really cool! 

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