Hi everyone, it’s Josh. Our overnight trip to Fairview was super fun and I had a great time. The whole Cornell family came! We started out by driving up to the cabin which took about two hours. When we got there we went into the cabin to check it out and decide where we were going to sleep. All the kids slept upstairs and it was sooo hot. 2020-07-12 16.03.562020-07-12 20.55.28

After that, we went outside and my mom told us we were going to go on a scavenger hunt. Each cousin took a turn reading a clue and then everyone would run to find the next clue. When we found the treasure we saw that it contained one bag for every cousin filled with a water gun, candy, bubbles, a flashlight, and a whoopie cushion. We played with the stuff on our bags until it was time for dinner.

2020-07-13 16.54.50

We had pre-cooked tinfoil dinners and they were very good. Dash went around begging for meat from everyone and tried to play with Chloe. 2020-07-13 16.54.37After dinner we went into the woods to find rocks to paint and had a contest to see who could find the best rock to paint in a creative way to be displayed in the cabin. We got some cool paint and stickers to put on rocks that we wanted to paint our own way. I ended up making a moon rock with eyes.2020-07-13 16.54.412020-07-12 20.49.30

Then mom and Grandpa wanted to take a million pictures. 2020-07-13 16.54.112020-07-12 20.15.362020-07-12 20.16.382020-07-12 20.30.56We also played BS.  This is “One Jack.”  Lol. 2020-07-12 17.23.26After everyone contributed to the display rock, we went inside and started to watch Star Wars. About ten minutes later Halle told us to pause the movie and told all the cousins about Snipe Hunts. Halle convinced everyone that she saw a Snipe earlier and that everyone should go search for it. Everyone besides me headed out to look for the Snipe but I told them I wanted to stay inside and watch the movie. Little did they know Halle and I had made a plan to have me be the Snipe and have everyone search for me. After a little while I went out and got close to them and they began to follow me. I was half-jogging along in the woods at night with only a dollar store flashlight to guide which in retrospect was a bad idea. Out of nowhere I tripped on something and fell into a ditch. It turned out that I had tripped on some barbed wire which had scratched me and tripped me. The ditch I fell in was only about two feet deep but I had lost my shoe on the fall down. The kids were approaching and I had to think fast. I called out to them and they came to me. I told them that I decided to come after the Snipe after all but since I was alone it had attacked me. I then told them which way it had gone and that coincidentally, Snipes have glowing eyes that look just like our flashlights and that I was now done for good. I then went and found my shoe and got cleaned up and went back out to continue being the Snipe. I eventually got them back on my trail and after about ten minutes of searching I revealed myself to be the Snipe. Everyone admitted that I was a good Snipe and we went back inside and watched a different movie because Halle is no fun and doesn’t like Star Wars.

Then we went to bed at just about midnight. Only our family and Nat’s family stayed the night.  Everyone else went home earlier in the evening.  We wanted to do s’mores but it rained and got the firepit all wet.  So we improvised on the stove.  I cooked the best marshmallows.  2020-07-12 21.31.41The next morning we woke up, had breakfast, packed up, and cleaned up the cabin. Everyone else went on a hike to the fossil pile.  I kept sleeping.  Leo found a lot of stuff he wanted to keep!

2020-07-13 08.54.092020-07-13 08.43.12Then came the traditional picture on the twisty stairs. 2020-07-13 10.43.16We went up fairview cabin to Huntington Reservoir.  This was such a pretty place and we had it all to ourselves!  We paddleboarded and played around until lunch. 20200713_1217252020-07-13 13.48.332020-07-13 13.49.42-12020-07-13 11.49.37-1We then left and had lunch at T-Cee’s before going back to grandma’s house. I had a super fun time and I was glad we were able to do this vacation inside a vacation.

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