Pinotxo Bar, the Xuiox, and coming home

Tuesday was the trip home but a few things to note. We hit the Market early to get our juice and to FINALLY try the famous Pinotxo Bar Xiuxo, but they didn’t come till 8AM which was going to put us very close to our flight. Well we decided to wait till 8AM and of course they were late. Not to worry, we ate our second plate of the amazing chickpeas while we waited.  Who would have ever thought chickpeas could be so tasty?
We were just about to leave when the guy walked up with a crate FULL of warm Xiuxo pastries. The waiter would cut them in half and put them on our plate all warm and gooey.  Xuixos were flying everywhere! Well I went to pay and we were short on cash by about 2E and the ONLY take cash. We were leaving to the airport – all done with cash and I would have to go to an ATM, pay a 5E fee and then have way too much money I would just have to change back. Well some nice woman next to us says “are you short on cash?” and she gave us the 2E for our bill. So I gave her half my Xiuxo to try 😉 it was great, surrounded by good people.  It was totally worth the wait, but now we needed to RUN to get to the airport on time.  Just a little tidbit of info: The xiuxos actually come from Lis Bakery in the Ravel, so, if you happen to need a double fix, now you know.
We were running into our hotel and I saw a van cab right at the hotel door so I asked the front desk,  “can we get one of those?” The hotel guy thought I meant a van, when I really only meant a cab. So he called for a van and it took forever because there are hardly any around. We were fighting with the hotel guy about what we meant.  Luckily the cab driver drove crazy fast and we made it perfectly on time.
When we got to Frankfurt we had only 40 minutes to catch our connection to Denver. Well they get us off the plane onto the tarmac and load us onto a bus. Then they proceed to take us on a 15 minute trip to the airport! We must have been out in the middle of nowhere. So now we have like 25 minutes. We are running to our plane and Passport control (customs) is backed up forever. So luckily some lady takes us to a different zone that is fast. I get random security screened of the 2nd time that day! Well then we find out our plane is delayed an hour and we have plenty of time.
Probably delayed for us, all the people coming from Barcelona. Met an awesome Grandma who was taking her 12 year old daughter all over spain and just coming home. Tara and I said we want to be like that when we are that old. How cool. Then, we had to go through the whole ordeal in reverse to board our plane to Denver.  Long bus ride out to the Tarmac, and then onto the plane.
The rest of the flight was fine (I played a lot of Civilization and Tara watched 3 movies) but customs and our luggage in Denver took forever and we had to “declare” our beef jerky that the dog sniffed out while we were waiting forever for our luggage. Got home and about an hour later turned around and went back to the airport to get the kids. It was so good to see them, their happy smiling faces running up and giving big hugs!IMG_6599

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