April 2018 recap

Blake got his 100 miles!  Wahoo!

2018-04-02 08.28.532018-04-02 08.29.14

Heely’s in King Soopers are the BEST.  The floors are so slick and smooth!2018-04-02 19.56.44

My flowers bloomed!  I love them sooooo much.
2018-04-07 17.57.402018-04-05 07.32.362018-04-03 15.51.29

Choir fieldtrip to sing for the Senior Citizens at the ECC.  Pizza Party after!2018-04-05 13.18.422018-04-05 13.24.18

Not a day goes by that we don’t miss Jim.  April 3rd marked 2 long years since his passing.  Because Jim was such a good friend, I wanted to honor my friends on this day.  So, I made a giant batch of Chocolate Peanut Butter Levain cookies and delivered them with notes to my besties.  2018-04-05 14.03.59
Gwen speaks words of wisdom:

2018-04-05 20.20.46

Youth Temple Trip!  This time they invaded Wendy’s for frosties when they were done. 2018-04-06 11.11.35
Blake is LOVING his Ninja Warrior class!
2018-04-16 17.16.022018-04-09 16.53.35
The baby owls are back!! This is a pic from someone with a zoom lens.2018-04-10 07.00.50
This was our view:
2018-04-22 15.48.53
Brotherly love2018-04-12 16.39.51

Halle’s NJHS project is complete!  She even brought Chippy along as her display animal 🙂2018-04-13 18.47.14
The Golden Dragons are BACK IN ACTION!!  This year, for my gift to the girls I borrowed Kari’s Cricut machine and made names for their Jerseys.  They all look so good and now it’s easy for parents to cheer on all our players!
2018-04-14 14.16.11-1
We played 3 games this weekend.  One Saturday and a double header on Sunday.  WE WON THEM ALL!!  We are a Tenacious Team!
Double Header win!!
Service Scavenger Hunt at the mall for date club.  This was a fun one!
2018-04-14 18.45.202018-04-14 18.47.182018-04-14 18.56.18
Sunday Static Hair2018-04-15 18.46.27
Dang wind storm shattered the tile on our patio table.  Garbage cans, trampolines were blowing all over the neighborhood!2018-04-18 07.24.57 HDRBaby shower for Kasta!  I had so much fun figuring out how to make this diaper 4-wheeler.  I think it turned out pretty cute!2018-04-20 07.55.37 HDR2018-04-20 07.52.432018-04-20 11.13.152018-04-20 11.14.472018-04-20 17.02.54
Jane’s Dance Recital.  She loooove getting all those flowers!2018-04-21 19.31.33-1
Breakfast at Snooze for Allison B’s birthday!  Always a great time with these ladies.  On the way home we tried to switch lanes but there was a car in our blind spot.  We saw her in plenty of time and swerved back to our own lane.  Well….this lady was MAD.  She blocked our lane, stopped her car and threatened to “Blow our f$%&*%# brains out.” Road rage at it’s finest.
2018-04-24 12.01.412018-04-24 12.01.25Blake’s first Pinewood Derby!

2018-04-24 21.41.20
Instrument Petting Zoo at the Middle school.  Incoming band students got to come try out all the instruments.  Josh wants to play the Sax.  2018-04-26 16.10.472018-04-26 16.21.19
This boy loves to fish.  He harassed Rusty all week and was up bright and early Saturday morning all dressed and ready to go.
2018-04-28 09.42.11
Our house showed up on a FB ad!  We are renting out it while we are in London this summer.
2018-04-29 06.35.53
Jane’s face when we gave her her birthday present.  Classic
2018-04-29 17.55.04
Harry Potter Movie Club!
2018-04-29 22.10.45

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