Happy Easter/Conference/April Fool’s Day!

I slaved away for like 30 whole seconds making delicious cinnamon rolls for our Easter breakfast. Thanks Rhodes rolls!

The kids got Heelys for their Easter present so we can zoom around Europe this summer. They picked it up really quickly! In between conference sessions we went up to the tennis courts to practice on a smooth surface and to hit some tennis balls.

We were invited to have dinner with Emma and her family. They served up a good, home cooked Southern meal. Fried chicken, corn bread, mashed potatoes and black eyed peas. It was delicious! Emma has Celiac and so everything was gluten free, making it just that much better. It was so kind of them to invite us over and we enjoyed our evening together.

Conference this year was pretty amazing.  We got to participate in the Solemn Assembly to sustain Russell M. Nelson as our new prophet.  It’s always a special experience when that happens.  The kids and I were in the living room (Rusty was out on a run).  We each stood up as it was our turn and raised our arm to sustain Pres. Nelson as the prophet.  It is a powerful witness of the spirit.  I hope the kids will always remember it.

7 new temples were announced, including one in Nicaragua and one in Russia!  Home Teaching and Visiting Teaching were retired and High Priest Quorum and Elders Quorum were combined.

My favorite talk was by Elder Uchtdorf.  He gave a beautiful talk about the Savior and the events leading up to the resurrection. It was the perfect talk for Easter Sunday.

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