Tara’s 36th Birthday

Another great birthday in the books!  The day started with a delicious breakfast after I got home from my walk with Kari.  Rusty made gluten free German Pancakes.  My favorite!  Hot Yoga with one of my favorite teachers, Courtney, came after we dropped kids off at school.  Rusty came with me.  Then we headed to Louisville where I got a massage, while Rusty worked out of the car.  Pretty sure I had the better end of that deal!  After Yoga and a massage I was feeling pretty blissful!  We went to Busaba and had delicious Thai food for lunch.  Then Rusty went shopping with me to find a new pair of shoes.  Waiting in the car while I had a massage AND going shopping with me?  Who is this guy? 😉  It was so fun to get to spend the day with him.
2017-09-25 07.14.49

After school we had the usual run around.  Homework, piano practicing, football and soccer practice.  While I was at Halle’s soccer practice the boys prepared a delicious dinner.  They made a giant, yummy salad.  We also had fruit and cashew butter to dip it in.  YUM.  They set the table all nice and even got out lots of candles.  I loved it!

After dinner we did presents.  My first present was a giant box with a card.  I read the card and then opened the box.  Much to my surprise, cute Blake jumped out of the box and started giving me the best hugs and kisses.  BEST PRESENT a mom could get!  I loved it!

Josh gave me a coupon book.  I LOVE these things!  I am especially excited to cash in the ones where he has to do my nightly kitchen job 🙂

Halle made me such a fun and sweet card.  She is always so creative and thoughtful.  Then, a few days later her present arrived in the mail.  Isn’t it the sweetest?
2017-10-12 15.13.57.jpg

I love these kids so much!  Their thoughtful little gifts just melt my heart. And, please notice in this next picture there is a hamster in Blake’s hands and a gecko on Halle’s head!
2017-09-25 20.03.26

Rusty surprised me with a trip to Aspen!  He arranged to have my mom fly out to watch the kids so we could get away for a few days.  Can’t wait for that!

For my birthday service this year I put together “Birthday Bags” for the Erie Food Bank.  I included, festive plates and cups, a cake mix and frosting, ballons, candles, tablecloth, and a birthday card.  I put it all inside a birthday gift bag that could be used later for a present.  I put together 10 kits and then delivered them to the food bank.  This was such a fun and easy project and the ladies at the food bank were absolutely thrilled.  2017-09-28 17.46.562017-09-28 17.47.14

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