The Banks Family Goes Camping. 3 times

What?  Is the world coming to an end?  We hate camping!  🙂

Camping trip #1.  GIRLS CAMP!  I had the opportunity to cook again this year at Girls Camp.  It is so fun to be up there with Halle.  It’s also non-stop work from sun up to sun down!  This year we had the girls make tinfoil dinners and a little side of Mac and Cheese to cook over the fire.  It was so much fun!  Another thing everyone really liked was hot, homemade cookies.  Amber made dough balls for us and then we just cooked them up at camp.  My assistant was Joni Jones from the Broomfield ward.  She was really fun and we had a good time together.  My favorite part of camp this year was the dance party.  It was just Beehive Camp this year because everyone else is going on Trek.  So, since it was just the younger girls, the dance party turned into a Disney Sing-Along.  It was so cute and the girls were just singing their little hearts out.
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2017-06-30 14.06.16 HDR2017-06-30 06.12.282017-06-30 10.26.372017-06-30 15.03.01 HDR

The girls LOVE this balancing log! They sit on it every chance they get.

2017-06-30 16.33.35-1

Halle’s Girls Camp Journal:

Camping Trip #2. While Halle and I were gone, Rusty and the boys went to Glendo Reservoir with the Owens, Fryers, and Gordons.  The kids had so much fun on the boat and playing in the water and on the beach.  I was jealous!
2017-06-30 14.07.102017-06-30 19.36.402017-06-30 19.54.262017-07-01 07.10.512017-07-01 07.11.312017-07-01 10.23.57 HDR2017-07-01 11.31.562017-07-01 15.18.55

The drive home was pretty rough.  They stopped to eat at A&W and practically everyone got sick.  But poor Claire got it the worst.  She threw up in the car on the way home.  The next day she gave Rusty the sweetest card in the world. And that pic is LOL!
2017-07-21 15.35.30

Camping trip #3. Of our own free will and choice, we decided to go family camping overnight at Brainard Lake.  The weather threatened to ruin our trip.  Even though it was raining, we decided to take a chance and go anyway.  We are glad we did.  The rain cleared out and even though things were a bit wet, it worked out just fine.  We rode our bikes around the lake and then roasted hot dogs and s’mores over the fire.  The kids LOVED starting the fire.  It was pretty chilly after the rain so we were ready to cozy up in our new tent, purchased that day at Costco.  Well… was too small for all of us!  Luckily Blake is a sleeping champ and he had no problem curling up at the bottom of everyone’s feet.
2017-07-12 18.56.552017-07-12 19.23.262017-07-12 19.41.432017-07-12 19.43.272017-07-12 19.57.35 HDR2017-07-12 20.11.13-1

The kids seemed warm enough at night, but my feet FROZE!  Camping sleep is never the best sleep.  We couldn’t really get a fire started in the morning, despite our best efforts.  It mostly just blew smoke.  So, we had to sit in the road where the sunshine was to warm up and eat our breakfast.2017-07-13 07.23.142017-07-13 07.23.402017-07-13 08.16.092017-07-13 08.30.41

We packed up camp and headed out on a hike to Mitchell Lake.  We rode our bikes to the trailhead, which was so great.  It saved us like a mile of walking each way!  The hike was pretty fun.  We had originally planned to hit up two lakes.  But after one, we all felt ready to be done, so back we went.
2017-07-13 10.13.542017-07-13 10.36.522017-07-13 09.48.10
Lots of silly antics in the truck on the way home!

2017-07-13 12.01.34

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