Valentine’s Day 2019

This will go down as the year of the strawberry.  Halle and I are trying to earn some $$ to go see Carlie in Berlin.  So, we decided to sell chocolate covered strawberries for Valentine’s day.  It was a huge hit!  We sold over 200 strawberries.  Which is waaaaay more than we expected to get, so we recruited Emma and Ruby to help us and we paid them in delicious strawberries.  It was a really fun project and not that hard to pull together.  Chocolate Covered strawberriesAfter we finished the Strawberries we had sold, I decided to try a few fancy ones.  I did peanut butter milk chocolate with a peanut butter glaze, dark chocolate and almond sprinkled with sea salt, a strawberry slathered in almond butter then dipped in dark chocolate with a sprinkle of sea salt, and some fun patterns.  2019-02-14 07.53.37-1Blake made me the sweetest Valentine ever.  I love it!2019-02-14 08.34.23Blake’s valentines to pass out to his school.  It was so weird to only have one kid do class Valentines!  It was so easy!2019-02-14 08.04.40Blake’s robot dog box.2019-02-14 08.03.37And of course, Crazy Cupid’s cafe.  A family favorite for sure.  2019-02-14 18.30.24

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