Kids White Elephant Party

The kids hosted a White Elephant Party for their friends this year.  Coincidentally, it fell on the same day we picked up Dash.  Trust me, I wouldn’t have planned it that way.  It was a crazy, fun day!  They split up into groups and did the Plastic Wrap game, ate snacks and had hot chocolate, and played JOY.  The last 1/2 hour was one big White Elephant Exchange.  It was hilarious!  Everyone loved stealing their favorite gifts.  We might have to make this an annual tradition!
2018-12-08 14.57.232018-12-08 15.02.27-1The carnage after the plastic wrap game was probably more fun than the game itself.2018-12-08 15.32.442018-12-08 15.44.022018-12-08 16.07.34-1

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