Kids Trip to Utah


2017-07-22 09.11.05

Hanging out with the horses and getting treats from the Ice Cream truck the day before they drove to Utah.

2017-06-18 15.28.302017-06-18 15.31.142017-06-18 15.50.02

Hotel swimming

2017-07-18 06.17.46

Halle was so sad that Mave would cry when she tried to hold her.  It took lots of bribing, but Mave finally started loving Halle again 🙂

2017-06-21 18.15.02

Carlie had an “Ice Cream for Dinner” party on the first day of summer.  How cool is she?

2017-06-21 18.15.452017-06-21 18.31.51

Cousin sleepover!

2017-06-22 20.03.17

Duck racing.  This was definitely a highlight of the trip.  They LOVED it!

2017-06-23 17.25.36

Blake has been soooo excited to go fishing with the Banks boys!

2017-06-26 10.48.31

Sunday dinner!

2017-06-26 19.14.392017-06-26 19.16.102017-06-26 19.35.57

2017-07-18 06.17.50

Seven Peaks!

2017-07-18 06.18.262017-07-18 06.18.30

Josh’s Journal:

On the last day we were in Utah, we hiked timpinogus cave. It was a mile and a half each way and the way up was steep so every time we saw a bench we sat down and took a break. Once we were in the cave we saw awesome rock formations like cave popcorn. There was some rocks that looked like frost that our tour guide said would disintegrate if you touched them. There were also ones that looked like animals.

2017-07-18 06.18.332017-07-18 06.18.362017-07-18 06.18.392017-07-18 06.18.502017-07-18 06.18.53

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