Langham Hotel Chocolate Bar


Is it possible that there could ever be to much chocolate?  We set out to test that question and the Langham Hotel Chocolate Bar.  Offered as brunch on Saturday mornings, Café Fleuri transforms into a chocolate lovers dream.  Crepe station, ice cream station, fondue, Cotton Candy, cookies and milk, and 4 tables filled with every kind of chocolate cake, mousse, cheescake, beignets, cupcake, éclair, boston crème, truffle, brownie, smore, tartes, tortes, canoli, crème Brule, whoopie pies. And to wash it all down?  Decadent milk or dark hot chocolate, of course!Langham hotel chocolate bar

We indulged to our hearts content, then while everything settled in our stomachs we sat back, looked at pictures of our first week in Boston and recounted all our favorite moments.  I felt so content sitting there enjoying that moment with my kiddos.

IMG_4176Carnage after round 1

PicMonkey Collage






Blake was absolutely in love with the cotton candy.  I don’t even want to tell you how much he had. Halle loved the giant chocolate fountain and the swan crème puff.

Although this brunch was exclusively sweets, there was a station filled with popcorn, potato chips, and nuts to help reset your palate in between all the chocolate.  There were cute little popcorn boxes, and the kids got to fill them with popcorn, and also candy from the candy jars to take home with them.  This was Josh’s favorite part.  He said, “If there was a fire in here I’d throw my hat on my head, grab my popcorn box, and RUN.”

IMG_4203So, in answer to our original question: is it possible to have too much chocolate?  The answer is, yes.  We absolutely did not want any more chocolate, and were even craving something savory like eggs or hash browns.  Josh even declined the ice cream at the end. 

We are having so much fun, but I do wish we were staying in Boston, and not Cambridge.  It takes us FOREVER to get anywhere.  We  scooter the 1/2 mile from our apartment to the Harvard Square subway station, chain up the scooters and head into Boston on the T.  Then it’s usually at least 1/2 mile from the subway stop to where we want to be.  The kids are holding up great, and I’m so proud of them.  But it does make for some long days.

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