Halle 7 months

June 13, 2004—Halle has just turned 7 months old!  Time flies so quickly, and we love her so much!  She brings so much happiness into our home.  Halle is such a sweetheart.  She loves for Rusty and I to pay attention to her.  When she wants us to look at her she makes a little “huh” sound until we come over to her.  When we come over she reaks out in grins and starts kicking her little legs as hard as she can.  She is also learning to give little hugs and will bury her head into my neck.  It makes my heart melt. 
Halle’s biggest milestone this month is becoming proficient at rolling.  She rolls everywhere!  Her favorite is to roll from the living room to the fridge in the kitchen.  She sits and scrapes at the fridge and the linoleum. One time there was a crumb in between the wall and the fridge in the crack and she was straining her arm as far as she could and scratching at the floor exerting all the strength she could muster to try and reach the crumb.  It was so cute.  She loves to play with her toys and loves anything that crinkles.  She has a bunny with crinkle ears and a crinkle book.  She can also sit all by herself. 
Halle loves to eat fruit.  She does not like vegetables.  When we try and feed the, to her she makes the most awful face and then just lets them drool out of her mouth. But she eat any kind of fruit.  Her favorite right now is pears and pineapples.  She also loves to chew on apples slices.  She has started to eat graham sticks and she gets them EVERYWEHRE—All over her face, clothes, and hands.  Sometimes she even manages to smear them on her toes. 
Also, Halle’s first tooth has finally just popped through.  It’s the bottom middle one.  It is still just tiny, but we know it’s there.  She was pretty sad where it was coming in so she got special treats like popsicles and lots of extra love.
Little Lindi Brown was born on May 3, 2004. Halle loves her new little friend.  She is so fascinated and always wants to grab her face.  It will be fun when Lindi is a little older and they can play together. 
Halle is also totally infatuated with Bridger.  She loves him so much.  It is the sweetest thing in the world.  She does the “huh” for Bridger until he looks at her.  Up until a few weeks ago Bridger would just ignore her but now he comes up and give her hugs.  It makes Halle so happy!  She just giggles and grins and flaps her arms.  It is so fun to see the cousins interacting with each other.  Brett and Kami and Brynn came from Arizona at the first of June and we went down and spent Rusty and Lindsey’s birthday with them.  We took all the cousins swimming at the AF Rec Center.  We had a blast. 
Halle is such a happy girl.  She loves just about anything.  She loves to go on walks with her Dad and swim with Mom. 
I just got an internships with the Bear River Health Department so Halle goes to a baby sitter twice a week for a few hours.  She loves the interaction with Haley, who is 1 1/2 years old. 
Every Wednesday we have WOTL  (Wed out to lunch) with dad. Last week we went to SDL where Dad works and had a picnic.  We were by a little pond and Halle was fascinated with the fountain in the middle.  She couldn’t take her eyes off it.  She also just got a little adorable tennis outfit.  Dad is so proud.

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