Halle is born

Sept 4, 2015: I have only a paper copy of the sporadic journal I kept when Halle was a baby. I am adding it to the front of our family blog for two reasons.  1. So that all our family history can be in one place.  2. So I can stop worrying something might happen to the paper copy Smile
Pregnant cheerleader and basketball player 10 days before Halle was born
Nov 2003: Halle Carol Banks was born Sunday, November 9, 2003 at 11:30am.  I woke up at 3:30 Saturday night for one of my many nightly bathroom trips only to discover that my water had broken! I gently shoot Rusty and told him the news.  He sat straight up in bed and with sleepy eyes exclaimed, “Are you sure??”  Yes, I was sure.  He then told me since I wasn’t having contractions, I should try and get some sleep. (Yeah right) But, just a few minutes later my contractions started.  Right from the get go they were consistently 2 minutes apart or less.  After two hours of pacing the floor, we packed and headed over to the hospital.  It was 5:30am.  We were both giddy and nervous.  We left a sign on our door that said, “Gone Birthing” so Christy and Brady would know the good news when they left for church. 
At the hospital the strapped me to the fetal monitor and did an exam.  I was already dilated to a 5.  Hooray! The pain wasn’t unbearable, but I decided to get an epidural.  I was pretty nervous about getting a huge needle stuck into my back, by Rusty was there to hold me steady.  And twenty minutes later I was in Heaven. 
By about 9:30 I was fully dilated, and so the doctor had me “rest and descend.”  This allowed the baby’s head to move down the birth canal by itself before I started to push.  About 10:45 it was time to push.  Rusty was so wonderful—he was so excited for the baby to get here and he was a perfect coach.  He stood by methe whole time and helped me through it.  Finally, the last push.  I felt my big fat stomach collapse and Halle Carol came sliding into the world.  That was probably the best feeling in the world.  At first she had her little mouth clenched so tight that the doctor couldn’t get the bulb sucker in to clear out her mouth.  After a minute we heard Halle’s first little wails, and the doctor placed her gently on my chest.  She was so beautiful and we were so happy She had a major cone head and chubby little cheeks.  Probably the most surprising thing of all was her thick, dark hair.  The nurse put her on the scale and told us she weighed a whoppng 8lbs 4oz, 20 inches long.  I was completely shocked.  I expected a tiny 6 or 7 pounder.  I had no idea something that big could fit inside me. 
halle is born!
Rusty went over to get the first video of his little girl.  She was so cute, he couldn’t wait to hold her.  After we had time to cuddle our new arrival, she and Rusty were off to the nursery to get a bath.  Rusty got to wash her hair and pick out her first pair of little warm socks and a cute pink bow.  She came back to me looking like a little princess. 
We had kept the family updated throughout the labor, so we called to confirm the good news.  Grandma and Grandpa Cornell had come to Logan the night before to help Rusty and I clean the house and get some meals ready before Halle arrived.  What a stroke of luck.  They had stayed the night in the Crystal Inn, and so they were just minutes away.  They were at the hospital in time to video Rusty giving Halle her first bath.  Grandma and Grumpa Banks had to make the long drive from Highland and arrived a few hours later. 
Nov 2003- Halle 065
She wowed everyone with her gorgeous hair and sweet little cheeks.  When Halle sleeps she makes a cute cooing noise and everyone was getting a kick out of that.  She still does it to this day.  It means she is happy and content (usually lounging in someone’s arms).
Rusty and I had so much fun holding her and just staring at out beautiful baby girl.  Rusty loved to hold her on his chest in the rocking chair.  I joked those first few days that the only time I got to hold Halle was when Rusty was at school.  We were so happy and proud to welcome this little bundle into the world and so excited to finally be parents.  All went so well with the labor—I think giving birth was a totally exhilarating experience.  Wow—it was so great not to have her in my ribs anymore.  Halle Carol Banks, WE LOVE YOU!

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