New Life in CO

June 14, 2005
We made it to CO!!! Hooray! The day before we were leaving we went out to dinner with
Jeff and Carolyn at the Iron Gate Grill. Well, I got a major case of food poisoning and
was throwing up every 20-30 min from 2am- 8 am. It was AWFUL!! Rusty gave me a
blessing in the morning and I stopped throwing up, but I still felt really nauseated. We
had movers coming to load all our stuff on the truck, so I just laid on my bed (or should I
say bare mattress) and slept. After all our stuff was loaded I needed to clean, so I would
vacuum one room then rest, clean one wall, then rest. Oh boy. Well, we got everything
done and headed out to Wyoming where we were staying the night. About 2 min before
we were leaving Logan we heard a thump, thump, thump, coming down our stairs. The
high pitched shrieking confirmed it was Halle. She has never once in her life fallen down
the stairs and chooses to do it right as we were leaving. Poor thing. In our new house she
won’t go anywhere near the stairs and when she wants to come down she makes us carry
her. But after that is was smooth sailing to CO. Our stuff was supposed to arrive on Monday, so we just stayed in a hotel until then. It was just one room so Halle got to sleep in the bathroom. On Mon after waiting around at the house for about 3 hours I called our moving company who informed me our shipment had been changed to Wed. Great. That would have been nice to know. So it was back to the hotel for us.  But finally we are here and getting all unpacked. The house has been covered in boxes, and we are taking a room at a time. But, we’re almost done. We’ve met some fun people and there is another kid from USU who works at the same company as Rusty, so that’s fun. There are 4 or 5 member families in our neighborhood, and apparently that’s a lot. Our ward is good
–but the church is 25 min away. We’re not in Utah anymore Toto. So far Rusty is really liking his job. He is working on designing electronics that can take images from a satellite and relay them back to earth. It’s all Greek to me. I’ll have to have him add a section about his new work life. I am enjoying just staying at home with Halle. Vista Ridge has a fun kid pool and there is a little park right across the street, so we have a fun summer ahead of us. Our ward does a playdate once a week at different parks and we went for the first time today. Halle had fun on the swings and it was nice for me to chat with some adults. Making friends is hard! Everyone has been very nice to us, but it’s hard to break into the circle. I’m just impatient, I know all it takes is a little time. I am trying to get work done on my thesis
this summer, but so far it’s not going that great. The computer keeps breaking, the printer
wasn’t set up, I can’t get on to my USU account……sigh. Hope fully everything will be up
and running soon. I’d love to get my proposal done by the end of the summer.
Halle is getting so big. She gives such good loves and kisses now. She loves Rusty’s old
toy Mudpie the dog and her baby doll that grandma Cornell gave her for her birthday.
We never leave home without them. It’s good she has favorite toys b/c all shopping is at
least 10 min away. So we are in the car quite a bit more than she is used to. Halle has
had no problem adjusting to CO. I don’t think she even remembers that Logan exists.
Copy of DSCF0338DSCF0341
Rusty’s birthday was just a few days after we arrived in CO.
Halle LOVES all the rocks in the backyard and her favorite thing to do is stuff as many as she can down her shirt.
Rusty’s awesome Father’s Day tie.
Halle new little BFF, Jake Keazer.

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