Halle’s first months

Halle’s first few days at home were an adjustment, to say the least.  Rist and I were totally sleep deprived but it was all worth it when we got to snuggle out little girl in our arms.  She abslutely loved to be held. we couldn’t put her down without her screaming for more loves.  There were days I didn’t leave the rocking chari for hours.  Rusty would come home at 3 pm and I’d stull be in my pj’s with unbrushed teeth.  Gross.  Halle’s jaundice levels were high when we brought her home and she had to be on the bilibed to get her bilirubin levels down. It was so sad to lay her on that bed all day and not be abole to play with her and hold her.  She had to get her little heel pricked everyday until the jaundice was gone.  It about killed Rusty.  I had to be the strong one and comfort Rusty.  He was so concerned for his little princess and he would hold her and calm her down.  It was so sweet.
A few weeks later she became extremely fussy.  Every time we laid her down she would just cry and cry.  I though her gas was bothering her, and finally, after a few days of misery, I took her to the pediatrician.  Poor little Halle had a bad ear infection!  I felt like the worst mother in the world.  When I told Rusty he just wanted to cry for her.  We had let our tiny newborn go for days with an ear infection.  we put her on antibiotics right away, and the next day she seemed to be feeling a lot better.  So, between jaundice and an ear infection,her first weeks were pretty rough!
Halle hated to sleep in her cradle.  She would lonely sleep in her vibrator chair that Grandma Banks gave her.  And she was so particular in the way she liked to be held.  Rusty would hold her to the left side with one leg up—it never failed to calm her.  She like to lay her head on his nice, muscled chest.  Her sleep patterns were quite spoadic.  She loved to wake up at about 3am and then not go back to sleep for hours.
Halle arrived right in time for the holidays.  She got to meet the whole extended family at Thanksgiving and Christmas.  She participated in the Cornell family ritual of sleeping in the  basement family room on Christmas Eve. she even got a new pair of pajamas.  She wasn’t too cooperative when it came time to sleep.  Her crying was keeping everyone awake so Halle and I went and slept in the bedroom.  Christmas morning came and Santa had brought her some socks that actually fit her tiny feet, a new bottle, and a rattle.  The we headed up to the Banks’ house where the three grandkids were surprised with darling rocking horses.  Halle’s is pink with a purple mane and tail.  So darling.  Bridger and Brynn were having a great time playing in the boxes and Halle was jealous she couldn’t join in.
4 GenerationsP1010811
Along came January and with it Halle’s sleeping habits got worse.  She didn’t sleep for more than an hour at a time.  After a few weeks of this, Rusty decided it was time for her to start sleeping though the night.  We had a long weekend where he didn’t have to e at school.  She he developed a schedule of naps and feeding and within two days she was sleeping at least 8 hours in the night, and often more.  He is amazing!  I don’t know how he did it, be she totally responds to him.  It was wonderful to be able to sleep again and it made us more attentive to her in the daytime.
new years and fireworks
halle blessing

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