BB10k 2015

The BolderBoulder was made all the better this year with the addition of Josh to the family run! He did so great.  His favorite part was the finish line and getting sprayed by hoses throughout the course.  Rusty and Josh ran together and Halle and I ran together.  Halle was doing amazing throughout the first half of the race, but in the second half her tummy was giving her some trouble.  We still finished strong, but the poor girl threw up later in the day.  I think she had some sort of stomach bug because she had been feeling icky on and off for days.  I think it’s pretty amazing that she chose to keep going and not quit.  I was so proud of both the kids!

Blake didn’t want to be left totally out of the fun, so he helped Rusty design his “Help Wanted” sign that he wears every year.

2015-05-25 07.45.36 bb10k PicMonkey Collage

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