Blake’s 8th Birthday

Dear Blake,

Happy 8th birthday!!  I feel like 8 is such a growing up year and I am so excited for you. It is going to be so fun to get to be your Den Leader in Cub Scouts. Right now your favorite color is red and pink, your favorite food is pizza, favorite candy is the Gummy Cafe (has hamburgers, fries, soda bottles, pizza) from 7 Eleven.  Your favorite iPod game is Dragon Vale and Color. Your favorite TV show is Pac Man and the Ghostly Adventures.  Favorite sport is baseball.

We love to read Harry Potter together and snuggle up in my bed.  We fight over who gets to use the heating pad.  You and Dad and Josh LOVE to play four square out on the driveway, and the three of you love to play Clash Royal together as well.  You and Halle and Josh love staying up late on summer nights playing Lego Club.  It’s so fun to listen to you giggle and pretend together.

We all love Chippy, your hamster.  She provides hours of entertainment and you take such good care of her.  You and Halle are so responsible in cleaning out her cage and keeping her fed and happy.  Right now you are building her a playground out of popsicle sticks.  It’s so fun!

You are so imaginative and still love to draw and craft in your bed at night.  You also love telling stories and making up things that might happen to us in our day.  You always start with, “So, Mom….” and I know you are going to tell me a fun tale.

You are so sweet and give me the best hugs.  I always tell Halle and Josh that hugging them is like hugging a limp noodle, but not you.  You always squeeze me back.  Sometimes too tight 🙂

I love you so much and feel so blessed to be your mom.  Keep being true to you!

Love, Mom


His big day started with Breakfast in bed.  Lucky duck!

2017-05-26 07.47.03


His big party will be after his baptism, so we just took Walker, Bennett and Max to the movies.  We saw “Born in China.”  A Disney Nature film.  We had ice cream sandwich cake.  YUM!

2017-05-26 12.18.092017-05-26 22.50.44-22017-05-26 22.51.00

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