Great Wolf Lodge

We decided to throw a mini staycation into our Spring Break.  We had a free night on and so we booked at the new Great Wolf Lodge.  It turned out to be the perfect couple days for it.  Outside was rainy and snowy, and we were having a blast swimming inside in 80 degrees.  Great Wolf Lodge is really fun.  There is no shortage of activities and the water park completely exceeded our expectations.  SO MUCH FUN!  Josh loved the wave pool, Blake loved the Lilly Pads, and adventurous Halle loved the crazy Wolf Tail slide.  The floor drops out from under you to a 20 foot vertical drop and then a high speed 360 degree loop.  We got all the kids to try it once.  Blake got banged around a bit and didn’t want to go again.  Josh was pretty nervous, but after his first time down he went again right away because it was so fun.  Halle did it every chance she got.

This is Josh’s Sonic Hair after he got out of the Wolf Tail:
2017-04-01 12.26.17

The next morning we went to the Home Depot for their kids workshop.  This time they were making bunny baskets.  It was fun to pound those hammers and be creative in painting the boxes.  I think they turned out super cute!

2017-04-01 10.43.13

Then it was back to the water park for some more fun.  When we had had our fill of swimming we went souvenir shopping.  Josh got some rocks to mine for being brave and trying the Wolf Tail.  The boys each came home with a Stuffed Wolf (surprise, surprise) Halle got some yummy bath bombs from the kids spa.

We braved our way home in the freezing cold snow.  Great Wolf Lodge, thanks for the awesome stay!
2017-04-01 15.20.502017-04-01 09.36.27

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