Final Week of Summer

The day finally arrived. Weird Al at Red Rocks. We loved singing along and even the rain couldn’t get us down. Our last week of summer was filled with the people we love most–COUSINS!  Brett and Kami came down for our traditional pre-race dinner before the Boulder 1/2 ironman. Cousins slept over that night and in the morning Halle and I headed to the Longmont Fair Parade.  Marching bands from all over the district marched together.  And Halle drove to Longmont!  Wahoo! 2019-08-03 23.28.32

2019-08-03 10.37.04-1We got to the race just in time to see Kami finish.  I don’t know how she does it.  I was miserably hot just standing waiting for her! I can’t imagine 70.3 miles of it!2019-08-03 12.21.13Then to the hotel pool. I think the kids love this slide so much because there are no rules.  They go down backward, in trains, superman style and everything in between.  This year they even went UP the slide.  2019-08-03 15.40.092019-08-03 15.41.092019-08-03 16.48.32That evening we had tickets to Harry Potter at the Symphony.  We just love this event!  And it was fun coming home to the cousins for one last sleepover.  We made German Pancakes in the morning and lounged around until church. 2019-08-03 19.11.392019-08-03 19.27.40 The  next day Nat and the boys arrived!  I found Bunch o Balloons on clearance and so I bought a TON.  They had the best time jumping, throwing and popping all those water balloons.  2019-08-04 16.06.19Same set up, different set of cousin šŸ™‚ Morning Teen Titans.  2019-08-05 07.58.22After Nat and I hit a yoga class, we were off to Great Wolf Lodge.  Rusty was in Vegas for a business conference so it was just moms and kids.  2019-08-05 11.34.55-1Everyone was SO EXCITED for this.  Originally we were going to book a themed room that slept all 8 of us.  But, then at checkout they tacked on over $100 in taxes and fees.  So, we just got 2 regular rooms.  Well….I forgot to tell Blake about the switch and when we walked into our room he burst into tears.  I felt so sad for him.  But the water park quickly made it all better.  2019-08-05 14.14.27Everyone had a blast.  And Leo was so brave!  He did the Wolf Tail slide within the first hour!  2019-08-06 17.33.59Great Wolf Lodge#Blakesleeps at Great Wolf Lodge2019-08-06 15.11.50On the last day Halle treated the cousins to a game of MagiQuest.  They ran all over the resort while Nat and I sat chatting on the couches.  Win/win! 2019-08-06 17.37.30We relaxed and got in bed early after we got home.  The next day we were on to Snooze, My Nature Lab, and Ninja Nation.  Josh had been invited to go to Water World with Ethan, and I don’t think he was too sad to miss his allergies flaring up at My Nature Lab.  2019-08-07 13.02.21My Nature Lab with Cousins

We’ve laughed and laughed at these videos.

Cousins packed up and left early Thursday morning.  And everyone here was BEAT.  As evidenced by the fact that Josh took a nap.  I don’t think he’s had a nap since he was 3 years old.2019-08-09 17.22.55There was the most vibrant, beautiful double rainbow I’ve ever seen.  It was magic!2019-08-08 19.09.18Blake has been begging to read out on the roof.  This Sunday morning, his wish came true.  Harry Potter on the roof with Dad.  What could be better? 2019-08-11 10.06.38The night before school started these three cuties decided to die their hair blue.  I think it turned out pretty cute!2019-08-12 18.21.132019-08-12 18.21.20Goodbye, Summer!  We will miss you!

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