Spring Break 2017–The day everything went wrong

Every summer for about the last three years I have tried to reserve tickets to tour the Denver Mint.  And they are ALWAYS sold out.  For the entire summer.  But recently they changed the system to where they distribute all tickets for the day every morning at 7:00am.  I REAALLLLY wanted to take the kids, so I woke up early, threw my yoga stuff in the car so I could hit a CorePower Class downtown and went to get in that line.  I arrived at about 7:05 to see a very long line ahead of me.  It took about 1/2 hour, and when I got to the ticket counter, there were only 2 tickets left!  There had been 2 big groups in front of me and they got the last of the bulk tickets. The ticket agent said they’d never run out of tickets so fast before.  I was so sad!!  Such a bummer.  And now, I was also cutting it close to make it to yoga.  I had to run a fast 1/2 mile to get there.
2017-03-27 11.01.57

Rusty and the kids still came down to Denver because we had also planned to go see the Star Wars costume exhibit at the Denver Art Museum.  We were all really looking forward to this one.  All our friends had raved about it.  We entered the museum, got in line, annnnnddd…..it was a Member’s Only day!  Good grief.  First the Mint, now the Museum.  Oh well.  Moving on.  T2017-03-27 11.20.56

2017-03-27 11.35.54

he Denver Library is right there and we had wanted to check it out.  So, we walked over from the museum and tugged on the doors.  They wouldn’t open.  We thought maybe they weren’t the main doors, but then Halle noticed this sign posted inside.  Now things were just getting weird.

2017-03-27 11.39.16

At least we could still get a pick with the giant chair and small horse 🙂

2017-03-27 11.40.58

We decided we’d walk over to the Capitol and see if maybe we could take a tour.  We found this beautiful tree, perfect for climbing at Civic Center Park.

2017-03-27 11.55.31

2017-03-27 11.51.132017-03-27 11.46.40

Halle hurt her ribs a few days previous on the trampoline and they’d been giving her lots of trouble.  They were finally starting to heal up.  Until she jumped out of the tree.  It knocked the wind out of her pretty good.  But, she seemed ok and we we went inside the Capitol where a tour what just beginning.  Finally, a stroke of luck!  We were only about 2 min into the tour when Halle said she thought she was going to throw up.  He face was as white as a sheet (Check it out in the pic on the steps).  Luckily she didn’t throw up, but by the time we got everything taken care of and got her a gatorade, the tour was gone.  So, no tour for us.

2017-03-27 11.58.12

But we did manage to snap a pic at exactly one mile above sea level on the Capitol steps.


Everyone was now hungry so we decided to move on to lunch at Biker Jim’s.  Biker Jim’s is a Denver institution that serves wild game hot dogs.  Like Reindeer, Rattlesnake and Boar.  On our way to Biker Jim’s I told the kids there was a cookie place right on the way that I’ve been wanting to try.  And I thought we had all definitely earned some cookies. We got there only to be greeted by this sign:

2017-03-27 12.37.18

At this point we were fairly sure we were being Punked.  Someone was going to jump from the bushes any moment and confess to have been secretly filming us as we went from mishap to mishap.  Luckily Krispie Kreme saved the day.  A dozen doughnuts to cure our woes.

Biker Jim’s was……interesting?  I’m glad we tried it once, but I don’t know if we’ll try again.  I got the Wild Boar and Rusty went Vegan.  The kids just got regular All Beef.  Mine was pretty tasty.  Rusty’s was not.  (But no surprise there–Vegan and hot dog just don’t belong in the same sentence).

2017-03-27 13.07.372017-03-27 13.07.43

The Money Museum inside the Federal Reserve Bank saved the day.  It is free and fun.  Each kid got a bag of shredded money that they thought was pretty cool.  There is also a display of all the different currencies used in the USA through the years.

2017-03-27 13.34.462017-03-27 13.34.53

We also got to try our hand at designing our own money using some rubbings.  We loved this part!

2017-03-27 13.50.422017-03-27 13.50.52

It was time to say goodbye to this very weird Denver day.  We walked back to our car and since we drove separately, Josh and Halle fought over whose car would get to use Spotify on the way home.  We thought they were going to keep muting each other’s music all the way home but they came to a compromise through text message.  Josh got a song, Halle got a song.  We did that all the way home 🙂

2017-03-27 14.14.35-1

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