Mixed-Up Nativity

For Christmas Eve my mom had such a sweet activity for the kids.  We read a story called the Mixed Up Nativity about a boy who was new in town around Christmas time.  All the kids in the neighborhood did different things to befriend and get to know him and after they did so, they would give him a piece of their Nativity set.  By the time Christmas rolled around he had an adorable mixed up nativity and lots of new friends.

We then duplicated the activity as a family.  My mom had sheets printed out for everyone that looked like this:

All the kids filled them out and then took turns reading their sheets and distributing nativity figures to their cousins.

They all ended up with their very own mixed up Nativity and a list of things that their cousins think are great about them.  How cute is that?

2016-12-24 21.39.31.jpg

We had our traditional dinner of Ribs, rolls, and cheesy potatoes.  Along with a family staple: cheeseball.


And it wouldn’t be Christmas Eve without the Talent Show!  Landon performed Star Wars to the crowd all chanting his name, Jhena sang a BEAUTIFUL song, Halle, Josh and Blake performed on the piano, Gwen sang Angels from the Realms of Glory and her Gloria’s were adorably off key.  Jack and Leo told some hilarious jokes and Mom and Carlie performed their traditional Duet.

And last, but not least, PJs!  Halle got adorably hilarious Llama Jammas.  Josh got Star Wars and Blake got some super cute space explorers.  The Grandkid pic of them all in their pjs is great this year!  They are almost all looking and smiling.  Miracle!


After all the cousins went home our kids went downstairs to exchange sibling gifts.  They were so cute and thoughtful this year!  Halle got the boys all sorts of Mystery Packs.  Lego, TsumTsum, Finding Dory.  The boys loved them!  Josh got Blake a triangle rubix cube and Halle some cute shoes for her dolls.  Blake got Josh a 2×2 rubix cube and he got Halle a Moana outfit for her dolls. He has been sooooo excited to give it to her.

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