My Mom is a MESS!

In Primary yesterday we were talking about temples. The Primary President was making the analogy that sometimes our houses get messy and chaotic, but that the temple, God’s house, was always clean and peaceful. The PP asked the kids if their houses were ever messy and Halle STANDS UP and yells out, “My Mom and Dad’s closet is a MESS. They NEVER pick up their cloths!” Thank you Halle for literally airing our dirty laundry in front of the whole ward. I admit my closet isn’t the epitome of organization, but I didn’t think it was THAT bad. Geez…

11 thoughts on “My Mom is a MESS!

  1. That was one thing I liked a lot about primary was the funny things that the kids would say. We even got some good stuff on the bishop from his 11 yr old when we were in KS. It was great, they are just so funny.
    I guess I am going to have to pick up my pile of clothes in my closet before Ellie starts talking.


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